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   Chapter 1347 Another Round Of Fierce Battle (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-11-20 02:50

As if they already had the victory, they had gained cockiness amidst the situation. Seeing that Austin had run away, they assumed that the young warrior was too scared to battle them. Soon, wicked smiles mirrored their faces, they seemed to have triumphed.

Just as they started laughing and bellowing insults at Austin, a low yet confident voice came from behind them.

"What's so funny, huh? It seems that you are so happy about going to die!"

The voice came from Austin. As soon as he uttered the taunting words, he turned up beside a low-grade demon semi-emperor without anyone noticing.

Then, he applied his Dominant Spiritual Sense Swordsmanship decisively. Not missing his target, he wielded his sword skillfully.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Strong sword-lights beamed and burst out from Austin's Soul Sea. In a split second, they swept the whole space with their powerful force. They moved at a blinding speed and no one could clearly see them as they began crushing things into ashes and dust.

"No! Help!" The low-grade demon semi-emperor pleaded for his life.

He was too slow. He had seen the sword-lights coming out, but it was too fast. He was only able to feel them vaguely, but he had no way to resist them. The sword-lights move at an incredible speed, no one was able to track its movement. Soon, he had the sinking feeling that he would likely be killed by the impending attack, any moment. The next thing he knew, his fear had come true soon enough.


It happened so fast. Before he could utter any last words, his body exploded all of a sudden like a bomb. Then, his flesh was blasted to bits and was later scattered on the ground.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Austin was unstoppable! Moving as fast as lightning aiming for those demon semi-emperors, he had brought down another five of them in just a few seconds. One by one, the demons fell to the ground. No one was lucky enough to escape and get their life spared from his Dominant Spiritual Sense Swordsmanship!

The demons were unaware that Austin's current strategy was his powerful ace. To put it in a simple way, the Dominant Spiritual Sense Swordsmanship had two main strengths.

First, it was extremely swift. In fact, it was the fastest swordsmanship Austin had ever known. Generally speaking, it would act at the speed of its user's mind. Wherever the user's mind directed it, it would atta

o kill some demon semi-emperors made me too pleased with myself.

I can't believe that I have totally forgotten about their demonic skills! Those are good things I can't afford to miss.

Thank you for talking some sense into me." Austin reflected sincerely.

"Speaking of which, the three kinds of demonic skills that my demonic avatar could use were from some demon saints before.

Since the demon semi-emperors are much stronger than the demon saints, their demonic skills are definitely more powerful.

That's exactly what I need now. Looks like that I should spare their lives until I force some more powerful demonic skills from them.

This is a good chance to level myself up further and enhance my demonic avatar!"

Austin uttered the words with excitement glistening in his eyes after being brought back to reason by Violet's words.

Now, greed was written all over his face as he stared at the remaining demon semi-emperors, who were now shaking in their own feet. His wicked aura seemed to grow even more. The demons could almost feel his hunger for their skills and powers.

"Hey guys. I've changed my mind!" Austin stopped and declared with a big smile. The demons could literally hear the playful tone in his voice.

"Next, I want you to show me all your demonic skills. Those whose skills are good enough can live a bit longer." He then paused and lowered his voice as he spoke the next words with deadly intent.

"Otherwise, you will have to die at once for failing to intrigue me! Is that understood?"The demon semi-emperors felt their heartbeat plummet.

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