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   Chapter 1346 Another Round Of Fierce Battle (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-11-20 02:50

Shoop! Shoop! Shoop! Austin's ears were ringing with the sound of war unfolding all over him.

He glanced towards the direction where the battle cries were loudest and his knees buckled a little when he saw what was coming. Marching towards him at their full speed were ten demon semi-emperors, each with a vendetta to kill him. The tremendous force coming from their raging speed shook the ground. With the billowing evil aura that continued to grow as they neared Austin, the young warrior felt like they were a crowd of elusive ghosts that was threatening to surround him and swallow him until he was nothing but ashes and dirt.

Their venom-laced voices bellowed as they were coming nearer, "Go to hell, you nasty human!" Every word in that battle cry was a promise they fully intended to keep.

They chanted the words over and over, emphasizing their strong hunger for blood. "Kill him! Kill that damn creature!" Each of them yelled at the top of their voice.

Some of them traveled towards Austin like a blur. They were truly fast! Seeing the swift motion of the fastest demon semi-emperors, the young warrior felt a bit helpless. The fastest ones neared his side in an instant. He was surrounded by the vile creatures whose promise was to kill him. There was no way out.

As soon as they neared, they prepared to pounce on the young warrior. "Soul-devouring Beast Attack," shouted one of the demon semi-emperors at the medium stage. The intensity of his voice reflected his anger.

His despicable face was nasty and ugly. He had the face of a monkey, covered with so much hair. His eyes were glowing with a blazing color of red for murder and his long mouth showed a sharp pointy set of fangs. As soon as he finished muttering his murderous bellow, his huge, mountain-like body shook. Beams of light engulfed with thick evil aura shot out from between his eyebrows.

This skill had a clear target. As soon as the beams of flaring evil aura were released and touched the air, they swiftly gathered and formed a creepy little diabolic beast. The newly created beast hungrily rushed directly towards Austin's Soul Sea. It had one clear goal in mind, to feed off Austin. The little beast created by the medium stage demon semi-emperor was formed specially

mally close range attacks?

I'm not that stupid to play this game with you!"Austin said the words with a sneer. In this situation, he still wanted to gain the upper hand.

Of course he would not stand there and let them bombard him with a series of crazy skills. He was not that silly. While buying himself some time with his sneer and comments, he assessed the situation.

He knew his limits, and he had calculated how far he could go. It was true that he could slay one or two demon semi-emperors, but this number charging at him all at once? Well, he knew he was not powerful enough to handle them alone. Quickly thinking, he adopted another strategy.


For a fraction of second, Austin and his demonic avatar had united as one. Using the Diabolic Flashing Skill, he instantly disappeared into thin air.

A millisecond later, he showed up in the place over six thousand miles away.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The spot where he had stood before was boomed by a dozen demonic skills as soon as he had teleported. The swirling masses of black aura blasted. The impact rocked the space and raised the dust. Aftershocks of the attack lashed out in several directions randomly.

"Hey, where are you going, little boy?

You can't run away from us this time, you know!" one of the demon semi-emperors gloated.

"Ha, ha, ha, now you know what you will get when you offend us! Let's see you do it again!" another one uttered the words with a mocking laugh, projecting the same kind of complacence.

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