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   Chapter 1345 Kill The Demon Semi-emperors Easily

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10009

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"It is Annihilator the Demon Emperor!"

one demon semi-emperor surprisingly shouted.

All the demon semi-emperors immediately froze in their positions with sheer disbelief etched in their faces.

Moments earlier, these demon semi-emperors were maniacally slaughtering human cultivators using all kinds of demonic skills.

But now all of them seemingly halted their wanton evisceration of their opponents.

This was due to most of the demon semi-emperors witnessing the demonic body of Annihilator the Demon Emperor in the Nonuple Isles in the Middle World Waters.

"That's right! My eyes are not playing tricks on me!

It is the demonic body of Annihilator the Demon Emperor!"

another demon semi-emperor exclaimed.

Other demon semi-emperors were outraged at the sight they were bearing witness to.

"What is going on?

Didn't Annihilator the Demon Emperor die already?

Why has he shown up here now?

And why is he helping the humans to fight against our demon race?! It's too weird!"

a demon semi-emperor asked in confusion as he could not comprehend what was happening.

"No. Don't be fooled by what you see. The demonic body indeed belongs to Annihilator, the Demon Emperor.

But the soul inside the demonic body is a spiritual soul of a human cultivator's!

It is definitely not the spiritual soul of a demon!

Simply put, a human cultivator's spiritual soul somehow manages to possess the demonic body of Annihilator the Demon Emperor,"

the head of the demon race remarked.

This head of the demon race was at the premium stage of Semi-emperor Realm and had a considerably high level of demonic spiritual soul.

So he immediately found out the truth about Annihilator the Demon Emperor.

What he said was right. Austin created a copy of his spiritual soul and had it enter the demonic body of Annihilator the Demon Emperor. Due to this, the demon body of Annihilator the Demon Emperor became Austin avatar.

"Right! The demon body does not have the spiritual soul of a demon!"

The demons began roaring aloud to voice their disgust.

"What a despicable human! How dare he desecrate the demon body of Annihilator the Demon Emperor!"

"That's a dirty and rotten thing to do!"

"Go and die, you filthy human!"

All the demon semi-emperors shouted their utter revulsion to the desecration Austin committed.

Annihilator the Demon Emperor was their former head and the highest leader of the Heaven Claimer tribe in the Demon Abyss World.

Furthermore, he was a highly revered demon emperor.

In the eyes of all the members of the demon race from the Heaven Claimer, Annihilator the Demon Emperor held a prominent position and was likened to a god. He was idolized by all the members of the tribe.

But now his demonic body had been occupied by a human cultivator's spiritual soul.

What was even more degrading for the demons was the fact that Annihilator's demonic body was used to fight back against the demon race!

"Hahaha! You

was now fighting to escape with his life.


Another sword-light flashed across the sword domain.

The sound of blood splatter was heard again.

Following this, the last demon semi-emperor exploded into a bloody mist.

Within two breaths, all the six demon semi-emperors had been defeated!


Anyone who saw what happened, including the human cultivators and the demons, were overwhelmed with amazement.

The six demon semi-emperors had met their end!

"How did Austin become so powerful?

He is even stronger than I am!"

Godwin murmured. He still couldn't believe that Austin single-handedly killed the six demon semi-emperors.

Besides Godwin, more than ten human cultivators at the Semi-emperor Realm weren't able to utter a single word as they were also astonished by what they witnessed.

Austin demonstrated powerful fighting abilities similar to that of the legend.

Was Austin merely a young man at the Heaven Realm or was he something more?

He looked like he was not a day older than twenty.

Yet it seemed so easy for him to kill all those demon semi-emperors. He did it as easily as cutting vegetables, or as normally as he had meals.


It's impossible! What the hell happened? How could he do that?

How can such a human cultivator look so young and possess so much power?"

The remaining demon semi-emperors were furiously squabbling among themselves.

"Come on, let's go on fighting! Let's focus on killing Austin first!"

The head of the demon race was fuming with rage that he started trembling. As he waved his hand, more than ten of the demon semi-emperors began to charge towards Austin.

However, the head of the demon race realized that if their remaining forces continued to rush Austin, they would easily be slain thanks to his powerful fighting ability. The demon race would easily be defeated!

One thing was certain—the demon race could only win the battle if they manage to defeat and kill Austin first!

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