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   Chapter 1344 Beginning Of The War

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7907

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The A.L. Army was known as a very powerful group in the South continent

They conquered around 30 or so kingdoms controlled by the demon race.

Everyone in the South Continent knew the strength of their forces.

All the demons were astounded as they looked at Austin together with his twenty thousand warriors.

They could not believe that the mighty A.L Army was being led by such a young man who was just about 20 years of age.

Austin glared at his enemies. "Let's stop this nonsense.

I don't have time to waste.

We have come a long way to stop you from taking this kingdom, and not to have a chit chat with you."

He then drew out his Ancient Dragon Sword and pointed it directly towards their chief leader, his face full of determination to kill him.

The chief leader scowled as he looked down at the tip of Austin's sword. "You have pissed me off, young man. Since you are so desperate to die, I will do you a favor.''

Austin's provocation was effective in angering the chief leader. Such a young man shouldn't have dared to mock him in front of his people.

Intense demonic energy emanated from the chief leader. His crimson cloak was like that of a falcon when it spread its wings, fluttering and rustling in the wind.

''Attack! Kill them all!''

He ordered his soldiers.

Austin looked at his army. "Do we have any coward amongst us? I know there's none. Now, let's go and kick their asses!''

He let out a heartening shout hoping to boost the morale of his soldiers with his vital energy force.

''Of course not!

We're the fearless A.L. Army!''

All the members of the A.L. Army roared in unison.

''Then prepare yourself for the coming war.

Do not be afraid! Victory will always stand by our side.''

He knew that they were at a disadvantage as their numbers of human warriors were lesser compared to the demon race.

But he was confident with his strength. He knew that he was powerful enough to defeat all the demon semi-emperors.

As long as he was able to catch them off guard and kill the thirty or so demon semi-emperors, the demon army would collapse.

It was a long shot.

But he still believed that it was worth a try.

He was banking at the Southern Alliances Army. They had over three hundred thousand warriors and ten Semi-emperor Realm cultivators.

Once the war started, they would not

semi-saints and demon saints, could not match with them.

Based on calculations, Austin and his demonic avatar had killed over twenty thousand demons with just three moves.

Both human warriors and demons were in awe with Austin's powerful skills.

A shiver ran down their spines as they looked at this dynamic duo who were able to claim thousands of lives with so little effort.

The chief leader of the demon race was understandably frustrated. ''Argh!

What is this?!

Who the hell is this traitor? Why is he helping the humans?

Go and kill him!

Stop them!"

Except there was no way this could be done. He could only watch as his men were annihilated on the battlefield.

The power of Austin and his demonic avatar was too frightening.

Once the battle continued this way, it would not take them much time to kill all the demon armies.

The human warriors were also doing their part in reducing the enemy forces. They seemed to be pumped up and were extremely fierce in dealing with their enemies.

They were in high spirits and used their strength to their full potential.

This was mostly because of Austin who was able to greatly boost the morale of the human warriors.

''Leader!" one of the demons shouted.

"Take a look at that traitor.

Doesn't he look just like...

Annihilator the Demon Emperor?''

A demon semi-emperor pointed out. He had stopped in his tracks earlier and couldn't help but stare at Austin's demon avatar since he looked extremely familiar. Once he realized that, he quickly reported it to the chief leader.

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