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   Chapter 1343 You Are Austin From The A.L. Army

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"You... You really killed that demon? "

Godwin was stunned in silence for a very long time before he fully comprehended what Austin had done.

He couldn't help but examine Austin from top to bottom a few times, as if he was looking at an incredible apparition.

"Yeah, I did. That bastard was very rude to you, so I just killed him. What? Is there a problem?"

Austin asked Godwin.

"Is there a problem?

Don't you realize what you have done? All right. It's not the right time to talk about this. We'll discuss this later."

Godwin wanted to laugh and shout at Austin at the same time.

The guy Austin killed was Redley, a semi-emperor of the demon race. It was quite a shock that Austin easily killed him with seemingly little to no effort.

Redley was a semi-emperor at the medium stage. Moreover, he had also mastered many powerful demonic skills. Even Godwin himself wasn't sure that he could beat the semi-emperor demon.

However, Godwin was quick to recall that Austin did kill Redley with relative ease just now.

In the soldiers' eyes, Redley burst into a bloody mist after a flash of sword-light.

Thinking about this, Godwin couldn't help but stare at Austin in utter amazement. He knew for sure that Austin must have overcome unbelievable challenges to make himself this powerful.

Right when Austin and Godwin were conversing, all the human cultivators and demons around them realized what happened just now.

All their eyes were fixed on Austin now.

If they hadn't seen it with their own eyes, nobody would believe that the young guy in front of them who seemed to be at the Heaven Realm could single-handedly kill a demon semi-emperor.

Not only that, what stunned them more was that he killed the demon semi-emperor in the blink of an eye!

He just used one skill to slay a high-ranking demon!

This was quite an incredible feat.

"You! You killed Redley!

How dare you!

Who the hell are you?"

shouted the leader of the demon army donni

came here to kill you all today with my army!"

Austin calmly retorted back.

Then, with a flicker of his mind, he activated his City model.

A few seconds later, people appeared out of thin air just like magic.

There were two hundred thousand of them, and they were all standing behind Austin.

They were the A.L. Army.

It was clear that they were here to kill from the look in their eyes.

"Come on! Tell them what we are here for!"

Austin's voice echoed in everyone's ears.

"We are here to kill the demon race!"

"We are here to kill the demon race!"

After Austin's words, all the cultivators of the A.L. Army started shouting out loud in chorus.

Seeing this, all the demons and the Southern Alliances Army finally realized that

what Austin said was true.

He brought so many people here to kill the demons.

"This was a very nice surprise!"

Godwin, seeing the two hundred thousand people who suddenly appeared, was shocked and delighted.

"A.L. Army!

You are Austin of the A.L. Army!

It's you who took back those kingdoms from us!"

The leader of the demon race pointed a finger at Austin and started shouting, as if he remembered something all of a sudden.

"Yeah, it's me.

I just told you who I am, didn't I? That was slow,"

Austin mocked the furious demon leader.

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