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   Chapter 1342 Pay With Your Life

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Seeing that the demons had amassed an army that totaled some more than nine hundred thousand warriors, the humans were not a bit, not slightly, but heavily dismayed.

The entire Southern Alliances Army's morale was quite shaken up though, and the faces of most of them had turned pale through fear. It was not that they feared death; they welcomed it. They just didn't like their chances right now.

A high morale and encouraged army was vital to winning a war. It could even be said that if troops lost their morale, then their chances of losing were doubled instantly.

Worse yet, not only the ordinary warriors, but even the semi-emperor humans also had signs of slight despair on their faces. This was a grim situation they were in right now!

"Ha ha ha...

Well, you lowly humans! Why did you stop hurling abuses at us?

Weren't you just swearing and shouting? Weren't you going to kill us all?

What happened? Are you in some sort of funeral now? Did your balls drop off?

You should look in the mirror and gaze at your expressions now! They're hilarious.

Ha, ha, ha! So funny!"

Shere, the demon semi-emperor, sneered once again, pointing at the Southern Alliances Army and laughing out loud.

"Shere, let's not frighten these poor humans again! Can't you see that each and every one of them is trembling?"

"Yes, these foolish and cowardly humans! In front of us noble demons, they are destined to be played tricks upon. Poor, pathetic creatures!"

In addition to Shere, another burst of laughter was now coming out from the demon army.

At that very moment, the entire situation was already firmly in the hand of the demon army. They could do anything they wanted to!

Therefore, they were in no hurry. They wanted to have more fun, much like cats played around with mice that had been caught. They wanted to enjoy their prey luxuriously and slowly, savoring every bite!

"Well, you lowly humans!

You can never, ever, rival the demon race. Not in terms of will, not in terms of wit, and certainly not in terms of strength!

Compared to the noble demon race, you are lesser. You are nothing. You only deserve to be our slaves, and that is your sole purpose. In fact, that is your honor, and also your destiny!

I will give you a chance because I am so kind!

Anyone who kneels in front of us voluntarily right here, right now, and is willing to be a slave, will survive!"

The leader of the demons announced; he was clad in a dark red cloak and looked like a formidable foe alone. His indifferent voice echoed between the heaven and the earth, as

m into pulpy jelly.

The huge hammer pounced on Austin.

"You rubbish! You want to kill me?

I can't, for the life of me, see why you have so much confidence?" Austin sneered.

From the very beginning of this altercation, Austin had been clam as a lake with a disdainful look in his eyes.

Finally, he took action.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

He released a level four sword domain, which covered an area of over one hundred feet around him.

Redley immediately felt as if hundreds of thousands of sword auras had been aimed directly at his body. It was a very creepy feeling. He shuddered.

At the same time.


A dim, but extremely fast sword-light flashed by!

It was so powerful despite its lack of luminance that

it reached an unbelievable pace, which looked just like a flash of lightning.

As soon as it was emitted, the sword-light put so much pressure on Redley that he couldn't bear it at all but knelt down. There was a deep sense of fear inside his heart and he didn't know where it had come from!



He now felt the desperate smell of death.

From his perspective, he saw the sword-light approach him in slow motion.

Its twinkling radiance went right through his body.


As if it had been a bomb inside him, Redley's body exploded into a million tiny pieces, and nothing but a mist of blood remained!

"Well, you have to pay with your life for what you said to my master!"

Austin coldly remarked, and then he moved. As the shocked eyes of about 400, 000 human warriors and 900, 000 demons tried to follow him, he suddenly appeared by Godwin's side.

"Master, it has been a long time!"

Finally, he managed to greet his master with ceremony!

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