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   Chapter 1341 Completely Stunned

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While all this was happening on one side of the world, two troops of the demon race were secretly flanking the Mysterious Sky City from different directions, completely outnumbering and outwitting their enemy. The battle was yet to start!

Each of these armies was comprised of some 300, 000 soldiers. They were moving silently and without any battle cries or signs so that their enemies' scouts would not see them. It was a surgical strike.

They weren't the only one. There was a third army of demons too, also about to attack the Mysterious Sky City from a third direction.

In total, they had assembled 900, 000 soldiers just to attack the city.

Such was the evil and dangerous nature of the demon race; ever they tried to undermine their enemies. So had it always been, and so would it always be, maybe!

Unfortunately, the humans inside the city knew nothing of such a massive plot. They weren't completely unaware though.

They were expecting about 300, 000 soldiers to attack them soon, but the scouts hadn't seen any of the rest and therefore, things were calm rather right now.

There were preparations going on, but not with too much tension. About a dozen human semi-emperors were lining up outside the city, fully prepared for battle.

Waves of vital energy force were emanating from each of their bodies and these waves were strong enough to be felt between the earth and the heaven.

Those human warriors looked rather formidable, since some of them were floating in midair, while some were standing firmly on the ground, looking energized and determined. They were all brave, strong-witted personalities who had survived several battles in their lifetime.

Ever since the demon race had invaded the South Continent for the first time ever about half a year ago, the Southern Alliances Army had been preparing a massive force to strike back. They had faced them several times since then.

The Southern Alliances Army had often tried to defeat the demon race's troops or defend their own cities.

Therefore, these human warriors didn't fear the demon race any more. In fact, fear was as far away from them as possible, and they hated those demons more than anything in the whole wide world. They wanted to kill as many of their enemy as possible to avenge their brothers and families' deaths.

At this very moment, each and every human warrior was determined to wage a life-and-death battle against the demon race. It was going to be a cold day in hell when they let the demons win!

Half an hour later.


A large rumbling sound was heard from the horizon.

Then the very core of the ground beneath their feet seemed to shake.

An intense evil aura emerged from some unknow

nd ordered. 'Why is he talking about games and hiding?' The humans wondered.

The next moment!


Several more blasts of intense evil aura erupted from the western horizon of the Mysterious Sky City. Amid those mists, countless demon soldiers shouted war cries, screamed death notes, and rushed towards the city.

Meanwhile, demon troops also appeared on the eastern side of the city. They had been lying in wait for the original troop to distract the human army. Surgical Strike!

"Hahah, dirty humans. We're coming to eat your flesh and drink your blood."

Hordes of demon soldiers were gathering all over the mountains and plains.

There were more than 300, 000 demon soldiers in the west, and at the same time, another 300, 000 demon soldiers were preparing to attack the city from the east.

And there was the original army as well, which put the total number of soldiers at 900, 000.

On the contrary, no more than 400, 000 human soldiers of the Southern Alliances Army were defending the city. Needless to say, the humans were hopelessly outnumbered.

To make matters worse, there were three different armies of the demons, which meant they had to divide their resources.

Also, the demon race's army in the west was led by a dozen demon semi-emperors.

At the same time, another dozen demon semi-emperors were standing in front of the troops on the east of the city.

In totality, there were 30 demon semi-emperors present tonight.

That way, the demon army was superior to the humans not only in terms of strength but also in terms of number.

"How is this even possible? This is crazy. We're doomed!"

Even the human semi-emperors were stunned when they finally saw what was going on.

Now, they knew that they were on the losing side and could not hope to win today.

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