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   Chapter 1340 Demons' Plot

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In the Mysterious Sky City, which was located at the border of the Purple Phoenix Holy Kingdom, a cultivator at the Semi-holy Realm rushed into the castellan's mansion with a rattled expression.

"Sir, over three hundred thousand demons are headed towards the city,"

he reported to his superiors in the hall.

There were more than ten masters at the Semi-emperor Realm sitting there.

Upon hearing the report, the masters shared the same concerned look on their faces.

Godwin was one of them.

But Peter and Julius weren't there.

"Here they are!"

All the masters of the Semi-emperor Realm stood up simultaneously.

"The demon race did send three hundred thousand members here.

Looks like we got the right information.

Looks like luck favors us. We've made the right decision,"

a white-haired old man at the Semi-emperor Realm said with a sigh of relief.

"There are over a million demons in the South Continent.

Now that an army of three hundred thousand demons were sent here, the demon race must have planned to attack three holy kingdoms at the same time.

Luckily we have divided our men into three forces to back up the three holy kingdoms the other day.

If we commanded all our men to guard this country, we would have been tricked by the demons.

The Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom and the Elite Holy Kingdom would be overrun and conquered by the demon race,"

another cultivator of the Semi-emperor Realm added.

"I hope so," Godwin sighed.

He had a feeling in his guts that something bad was going to happen.

The senior members of the Southern Alliances Army convened a meeting about the plan to defeat the demon race a couple of days ago.

Most of them agreed to send three batches of their men to assist in the protection of the three holy kingdoms.

Only several masters of the Semi-emperor Realm including Godwin opposed.

However, the majority ruled in favor of sending some of their forces in order to defend

the Mysterious Sky City.

Today is a big day for us.

Only a third of the troops of the Southern Alliances Army are in this city.

If we can slay all the human cultivators there, it will be a big blow to the Southern Alliances Army.

The Southern Alliances Army couldn't stop the might of our forces, and we'll be closer to conquering the Southern Continent.

So I need you to take this battle more seriously,"

the demon in command ordered his subordinates.

"Sir, I heard that the A.L. Army has taken more than thirty countries from us.

They are also a threat to us,"

one demon semi-emperor said with a frown on his face.

"Humph! This so-called A.L. Army is just a mob led by a human boy.

I heard that their leader Austin Lin is just at the Heaven Realm.

He got help from a traitor of our kind.

The Southern Alliances Army is our main concern. This so-called A.L. Army can't get in our way.

We can deal with them after we take care of the Southern Alliances Army.

Well, that's it.

Tell our men to attack the Mysterious Sky City,"

the demon in charge commanded, gesturing his men to move forward.

In one fell swoop, an army of over three hundred thousand demons flew towards the Mysterious Sky City.

The horde of demons marched towards their destination in the sky.

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