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   Chapter 1339 High Fighting Spirit

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Silence engulfed the entire place.

In the hall, all of the generals of the A.L. Army gasped simultaneously.

They knew that Austin had already made up his mind, and there was no way he was going to go back on his words.

Plus, the piles of treasures on the ground were so attractive that none of the generals could resist them.

"Thank you, Commander Austin!"

Everyone bowed down to Austin and came forward at once -- immediately choosing something that was fitting of their needs.

Clark, Brandon, and two other Semi-holy Realm warriors each got a piece of archaic magic treasure.

Apart from the queen, they were the most powerful warriors in the A.L. Army.

Then, each of those Primal Holy Realm warriors picked two or three fitting weapons for themselves.

More than that, all of the warriors present could each get more than one hundred thousand divine vital energy crystals from the two million ones available.

The twenty warriors assembled in the hall were actually the best fighters in the service of Austin.

More than that, they were also part of the most important force in the A.L. Army.

And Austin was well aware that the A.L. Army would remain weak for as long as those twenty warriors were not yet strong and powerful.

Because of that, Austin decided to be generous with his time, money, and magic treasures in order to better equip them.

Those twenty warriors had been independent warriors before they joined the army.

Almost all masters and disciples from those influential and large-sized sects decided to join the Southern Alliances Army.

Meanwhile, only independent cultivators and disciples from some small-sized sects were willing to go and seek refuge with Austin.

For example, Clark, Brandon, and the two Semi-holy Realm warriors were once independent cultivators from the South Continent.

Generally speaking, independent cultivators were warriors who were used to living and fighting alone. Without any support from wealthy sects, they were mostly weak and sometimes poor.

For that reason, they were no match for their counterparts from the influential and large-sized sects.

In fact, some of them were even embarrassingly short of money.

Naturally, Clark, Brandon and the two Semi-holy Realm warriors had always desperately wanted to get some archaic magic treasures but those things were always out of their reach.

And now that they had those archaic magic treasures in their hands, they were more than excited -- they were ecstatic. After all, some of their most impossible dreams had just been fulfilled by Austin

wat, don't get arrogant,"

the gnome scolded Austin.

"What? Are you being jealous?"

Austin quipped.

"Don't be silly,"

the gnome replied contemptuously.

"Alright, gentlemen, quiet," said Austin.

With a wave of his right hand, he signaled the end of the chanting.

At once, the 200, 000 human warriors stopped shouting and kept their mouths shut tightly.

Since Austin was the soul of the A.L. Army, nobody dared to disobey or disrespect him. Thus, the moment they saw Austin's signal, they instantly stopped shouting.

Meanwhile, the emperor of the Jade Kingdom ordered his servants to throw a grand banquet with tens of dining tables in front of the city gates to greet Austin and his army.

Additionally, dozens of maids from the imperial palace danced and sang. Gongs were struck. Drums were beaten. It was obvious that they were trying their best to please Austin and his brave soldiers.

Upon seeing this, Austin and his men couldn't help but laugh.

Banquets, songs, and dances were nothing to the brave soldiers who were willing to die to defend their world.

Only worldly and selfish governmental officials would care about those meaningless things.

Thus, Austin refused the emperor's invitation to dine with him.

Afterwards, he transferred all 200, 000 soldiers into his City.

With those soldiers inside, his City became quite crowded.

His city couldn't accommodate other people any more.

It had finally reached its full capacity.

"Alright, let's go,"

Austin said to the queen, as he took out his Dragon and Phoenix Chariot.

He cast a spell.

Then, the chariot turned into lightning as it quickly flew away from the imperial capital city of the Jade Kingdom.

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