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   Chapter 1338 Austin As An Authority Of The A.L. Army

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Under the attacks of Austin and his demonic avatar, tens of thousands of demons died in an instant. Everyone was stunned with such killing speed.

As they were slightly distracted with what they had witnessed, the human warriors of the A.L. Army were completely amazed. Their eyes were fixed at the scene that was happening in front of them.

"I guess he must have had an unusual adventure when he searched for the palace of the Sword Emperor. That man is so eager to show off his ability now," the queen uttered.

Upon hearing this, she simply smiled and shook her head. She knew what was happening.

She could surely tell that Austin's power had been greatly improved through time, but she decided not to bring it out. She kept it to herself and told no one.

"Come up and follow my lead! Let's finish off the demon race!"

Clark took the lead in charging toward the demons. It was after he recovered from the shock so he called on the warriors.

After a while, the other warriors of the A.L. Army also came back to their senses. They gradually conditioned themselves and prepared for battle. They followed behind Clark as his order while shouting, "Kill them all!"

Everyone could hear the terrific howl all over the place. It was like the angry gods that came before them. It had the power of shaking the heaven and startling the Earth. With all the courage, they rushed toward the demons like vicious and overwhelming tides sweeping over the land.

The warriors all had high morals through Austin's support. Their strength fired up by his command. His example kept the fighters in high spirits and his victory uplifted them. Therefore, they were inspired and militant at this present.

The demons had already been frightened by Austin's strong power when he fought them alone. And there were almost 200 thousand people frantically attacking them now. In such a case, all the demons had lost their will to fight.

Morale was the most critical factor in the battlefield. It should be observed by the leader in order to assure victory.

Defeat was sure once the morale of the demon army sank. It had been witnessed from the recent battle they had.

The demons fled in different directions. Meanwhile, Austin unleashed his spiritual sense and specifically searched for the demon kings, demon imperators and demon semi-saints. The moment he found them, he would immediately transport himself over there and kill them directly. The demons were left with no choice but to instantly face death.

Austin could kill a demon semi-emperor with no difficulty. He would just launch a sudden attack as well with the demon imperator and demon semi-saint.

Two hours had passed, and the savage war was already over.

Only a few got their chance to escape while most of the demons got killed.

Out of all the demons killed, nearly 60 thousand were killed by Austin and his

f divine vital energy crystals fell to the ground like heavy rains.

He took out not only 2 million of divine vital energy crystals, but also several archaic weapons and hundreds of holy weapons.

As the weapons were piled on the ground, it gave off a dazzling light which brightly reflected the whole hall. An abundant amount of spiritual energy of the heavens and the earth coming out from the weapons immediately filled the air. It gradually formed a mysterious fog around the place.

First, Austin obtained several archaic weapons in the Sword Treasure-house.

Then he got three archaic swords in Sword Emperor's cultivation chamber.

And, he gained another several archaic weapons in Baldwin's Space Ring after he had killed him.

Austin had a total of more than a dozen archaic weapons up to now.

Meanwhile, the number of the holy weapon was beyond count.

He had at least a hundred holy weapons.

The archaic weapon and holy weapon meant nothing to him ever since he had already gained the primeval weapon—Ancient Dragon Sword.

"Commander Austin, this...this..." Clark stammered. He was deeply shocked and unable to make a full sentence.

The other high-ranking figures in the A.L. Army were completely stunned as they stared at the archaic weapons and holy weapons piled on the ground.

All of them were full of desire in their eyes as they widened gloriously.

Magic treasures, precious pills and secret books, to the warrior, always had great attraction.

"These weapons serve no purpose to me now. You can pick and take anything that you want,"

Austin declared with no expression in his eyes.

"What?! Is that true?!"

Everyone who heard this was deeply shocked. They couldn't believe their own ears.

"Come on, everyone! Let's hurry up and don't waste time.

Everyone must rest and prepare. We'll set off in half a day,"

Austin said impatiently while waving his hand.

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