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   Chapter 1337 Take Out A Demon Saint Effortlessly

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Denny narrowed his eyes and stared at Austin.

In an instant, a misty sword-light burst out from Austin's Soul Sea.


The sword light came straight for Denny.

It burst forth so fast that those near the area felt the light flashed across their eyes. But no one knew where the light came from.

All the demons stepped back, and the massive shadow they thrown on the ground disappeared.

The sword-light appeared like the first ray of the sunlight, shredding and piercing through the darkness of the evil aura.

Within minutes, the sword-light fell on Denny's body.

Denny was utterly stupefied.

He let out a blood-curdling scream.

"No! This isn't true! What's going on?!

My body is breaking into pieces!"

With a shrill scream, Denny's body began to crack and break.

In less than a second, Denny turned into a mist and vanished in the wind.

'What's this?

A demon saint got slain in a matter of seconds.

Austin didn't even lift his finger.

How did he vanquish the demon saint without moving?

That is unbelievable! It's inconceivable!

Did he cast a wicked spell on the demon?'

All the demons and human cultivators of the A.L. Army stared at Austin in deep amazement and disbelief.

After soundly obliterating Denny with the Dominant Spiritual Sense Swordsmanship, Austin then fixed his gaze onto Jacob.

Similar to Denny, Jacob was also as strong as the cultivators who were at the preliminary stage of Holy Realm.

"What do you want?" Jacob asked Austin in a shaky, uneasy tone.

Jacob felt a sudden chill in his entire body upon realizing he was the target of Austin's impassive gaze.

He was trembling with fear seeing how Denny fell instantly against Austin.

At this point, Jacob was aware that the young man was incredibly powerful.

'I made a huge mistake. I underestimated him, ' he thought.

"This is impossible.

You're just at the Heaven Realm. How could you murder Denny so easily this way?"

Jacob bellowed with terror in his voice.

"You can think about this when you meet your Creator.

You'll be dead," Austin fiercely replied while coldly staring at Jacob


The sword light dashed towards the demons.

In an instant, several thousand members of the demon race were annihilated.

The second the demonic avatar exerted its demonic skill, Austin moved his body.


He rushed into the area where most demons were.

He unleashed the level four sword domain.

In a blink of an eye, over a thousand streaks of sword aura dozens of feet tall appeared around Austin forming a sword domain.

Numerous, aggressive sword aura filled the whole space and Austin seemed to be in complete control of the aura.

All the demons trapped in the sword domain Austin created felt that they were at the mercy of the endless sword aura.

It was as if they were trapped in a mire formed by the sword aura that they couldn't move an inch.

"Go to hell!"

Austin shouted in a slight voice.

As soon as he finished his sentence, all the demons in the sword domain broke into pieces due to the violent sword aura.

Their blood and organs splattered all over the air.

Several demons were killed by the powerful sword aura.

'Sword domain is far more powerful than sword potential.

When a swordsman has mastered the sword domain, he could restrict his target and destroy him in a heartbeat, ' Austin remarked.

Austin and his demonic avatar began slicing through the remaining enemies at the same time. Within moments, about ten thousand demons were totally obliterated.

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