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   Chapter 1336 Idiot Leader

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The young man was tall and thin. With his hands behind his back, he looked mystical in his immaculate white clothes. The cloth danced in rhythm with the wind.

With a composed expression on his face, he glanced at the demons. He gave off an enigmatic and domineering aura as if he was the king of the world.

His arrival and presence at the battlefield kept everyone silent.

All the human cultivators fixed their gazes on the young man. Wondering among themselves, they were too amazed to move or even whisper among themselves.

The next second, loud voices broke the silence. "Commander Austin! Commander Austin! Commander Austin!


Every human cultivator that was in the battlefield was suddenly in high spirits.

In front of them was their hope.

The young man was no other than Austin.

Austin's presence helped the human cultivators get their confidence back as if he could lead them out of the darkness.

The demons became quiet as they noticed that their enemies cheered up and were encouraged at the sight of Austin.

The demons fixed their eyes on the young man in confusion.

The two demon saints were also dumbfounded. 'This young man's appearance renewed the human cultivators' urge to fight. They pulled themselves together because of this young man. But who is he?'

The two of them stared at Austin. They checked every part of him. They used their demonic spiritual souls to figure out his strength.

'There isn't anything special about this young man. What made these human cultivators worship him as if he is their God?

He has just entered the Heaven Realm.

I can take out several hundred cultivators of his level with no effort. So what is so special about him?' the two demon saints wondered among themselves.

"I see.

Are you their leader—Austin Lin?" Denny asked skeptical and doubtful of Austin.

He could not believe that the army was under the command of a human boy at the Heaven Realm.

"Are you okay? I'm sorry. I should have come back early,

easy for that demon to take care of these two demon saints, ' the human cultivators thought.

"I see. It turns out I was talking to a fool.

What a surprise. The leader of the so-called A.L. Army is a complete dummy. These cultivators even let an idiot lead them. What were they thinking about?

Anyway, that is none of my concern anymore. I will not waste time and energy on you, you dumb ass.

Go to hell!" Denny said scornfully.

His face was all red and there was a vicious look in his eyes.

A huge palm appeared over Denny's head out of nowhere and came rushing at Austin.

The palm contained a terrifying power as it gave off the thick evil aura.

Denny did not use any demonic skills. He planned to strike Austin down with the pure demonic energy.

In his eyes, Austin was just a weak cultivator at the Heaven Realm, a foolish young man, who wanted to kill demons. Denny thought it was unnecessary to display some profound demonic skills to handle him.

He was convinced that he could end Austin's life with just one blow.

"Now that you can't wait to get yourself killed, I will make your dreams come true,"

Austin said icily as he glanced at Denny.


Did I underestimate this guy?'

Meeting Austin's calm gaze, Denny got slightly rattled as his heart skipped a beat. He suddenly felt afraid.

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