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   Chapter 1335 Come To The Queen's Rescue

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Most of those cultivators were those who had joined Austin in the Trinary Star City.

The rest were members of the Heaven Pavilion Sect and the evil shadow race.

Inspired by them, other cultivators from the A.L Army followed and declared to kill all the demons.

Every soldier from the A.L. Army was in high spirits and was determined to wipe out their enemies.

The sole reason why they traveled all the way to join Austin's team was to fight against the demon race.

Most of the soldiers weren't afraid to die. All of them were eager to destroy their enemies.

"Nine, ten,"

counted the demon who had grown an indigo horn on his forehead.

However, none of the cultivators got out of the city gates to surrender.

"Good. They are really good. Turns out they are a bunch of idiots.

I've given them the chance, and they chose to seal their fate.

Come on, guys, go kill them all," the demon with an indigo horn ordered his army with a wave of his hand.

A destructive demonic energy burst out from his body.


A great number of demons amassed and proceeded to immediately dash towards the gates of the imperial capital city.

Meanwhile, as the demons rushed to storm the gates, the soldiers of the A.L. Army had already taken out their weapons and were ready to defend the demons' advance.

Overwhelming vital energy was emitting out from their bodies.

Every soldier was ready to go into a tough war with the knowledge that they might lose their lives in the process.

On the wall stood the queen, gazing intently at the soldiers below.

"Move!" she commanded as she raised her hand.

Over two hundred thousand soldiers of the A.L. Army soared into the sky and charged into their enemies.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

The cultivators attacked the demons with their violent vital energies which lit up the space where their enemies were floating.

However, the demons fought back with their demonic energies, and the evil aura they had released enveloped the area where the cultivators were levitating.

Soon, the determined A.L. Army began exchanging blows with the ruthless troops of the demon race.

Countless dead bodies fell from the sky because of the fierce aerial battle.

Casualties on both sides were significant.

This was a truly bloody war.

Numerous people would lose their lives as the war continued.

"Where is your leader—Austin Lin? Ask him to get his as


'She is on good terms with Commander Austin.

If anything happens to her, Commander Austin might get furious, ' he mused.

"Swoosh! Swoosh!"

All the cultivators who were at or above the Primal Holy Realm dashed towards the two demon saints.

"You're all digging your own graves!"

Denny snorted defiantly.

An enormously powerful demonic energy emitted from his body and spread in all directions.

"Bang! Bang! Bang! "

The four cultivators of the Semi-holy Realm and more than ten cultivators at the Primal Holy Realm were hit by the demonic energy. All of them were blown into the air and sustained severe injuries. Most of the cultivators coughed up blood and were writhing in pain.

Their enemies were far more powerful that the cultivators couldn't even defend themselves from the powerful demonic energy.

Cultivators at the Semi-holy Realm or Primal Holy Realm were no match to those at the Holy Realm.

"Ha-ha. Stop resisting and be my servant.

Why do you even stay with these low-born humans?

Come to my side. I'll marry you and you'll be my concubine. You will enjoy a comfortable life and nothing will trouble you.

What do you say?"

Jacob said as he floated beside the queen.

The queen's heart sank deep in despair for she knew that she was going to be caught by the demon saint.

'I can't even move due to the demonic energy he released, ' she thought, dishearteningly.

"I don't think that's a good idea."

A voice rang out.

Although it wasn't loud, every human cultivator and the demon heard it.

Suddenly, a young man appeared next to the queen.

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