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   Chapter 1334 The Demon Race’s Siege

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Disappointment and a hint of regret were obvious on Baldwin's expression.

He wouldn't have provoked Austin if he had known the demise that he would come to him.

He never would have thought that a guy in his twenties would be able to kill him, a great master who had already lived for hundreds of years.

These thoughts flashed through his mind and were gone in an instant.

His body trembled uncontrollably.

He experienced an indescribable horror.

Little by little, thousands of cracks appeared on his body.


Suddenly, it crumbled into a million pieces and was swept away by a cold easterly wind. The pieces of his body turned into a crimson mist and disappeared into the thin air.

That was the end of a human warrior at the middle stage of Semi-emperor Realm.

Looking at the bloody mist that had been the remains of Baldwin's body mere moments ago, Austin couldn't help somehow feeling sorry for him.

Austin obtained Baldwin's Space Ring after killing him.

His life-long collection of weapons and other treasures would help Austin greatly.

However, he didn't want to waste his time poring over the treasures enclosed in Baldwin's Space Ring. He put it in a safe place and decided to check it later at his leisure.

Austin then performed the Diabolic Flashing Skill and returned to the Sword Treasure-house in the blink of an eye.


The scene that greeted his eyes surprised him.

Sand and bits of stone were flying around him. The sky was blotted out. Sand with the color of blood covered the land as far as his eyes could see.

It seemed that a tremendous sand storm was wreaking havoc in the area.

In the middle of the sand storm, he could see that the Sword Treasure-house was sinking.

It was standing on top of the soft sand, and it was sinking slowly but steadily.

About half an hour passed by.

The Sword Treasure-house was nowhere to be found.

Red sand flowed from all directions and formed dozens of sand dunes at the site where the Sword Treasure-house once stood.

"The Sword Emperor's mansion is now buried under the sand,"

Austin muttered to himself, still incredulous at what he had just witnessed.

He performed his bodily movement skill and left at once.

The imperial capital city of the Jade Kingdom was his next destination.

At the same time, inside the imperial capital city, it had been surrounded by multitudes of fighters from the demon race. The ove

They are stronger than us even though we are equal in number. Still, we have no other choice than to fight back.

There's no escaping from this.

No solider of the A.L. Army is afraid of death. I'll give you that,"

the queen said, with conviction and resolve. Her fists clenched of their own accord.

A blazing aura of determination radiated from her noble and voluptuous figure.

The evil shadow race had always been brave and battle-hungry. In contrast, the queen's beauty made her look weak and frail, but she was ready to fight for her people.

"Yes, I agree with you. Those bastards would have to go through us before they can enter the city. Over our dead bodies!

We'll kill them and take them down with us."

Clark had always been stubborn and determined. Otherwise, he wouldn't have supported Austin against Baldwin back in the Trinary Star City.

"If we surrender, they'll make slaves out of our people and we'll live lives more miserable than dogs and pigs. We have to put up a fight and kill as many of those demonic bastards as possible."

Behind the queen, all Semi-holy Realm and Primal Holy Realm human warriors stepped up and voiced their sentiments.

"Six, seven,"

the demon's voice continued the countdown.

"Give out the order: all soldiers of A. L. Army should prepare to fight!

We'll die with those bastards,"

the queen ordered.

Instantly, the queen's order was relayed to all soldiers inside the city.

"Fight and die!

Fight and die!"

some soldiers shouted, and their voices were heard throughout the city. The fighting morale of the troops was extremely high.

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