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   Chapter 1333 You Really Made It

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"Do you think you can get away from me?"

Austin sneered as he snapped out of his daze immediately.


The formidable spiritual sense sword came out of Austin's Soul Sea and instantly chased down the sword radiance.

The sword aura released by the spiritual sense sword caught up with the evading demon and pierced through his body like lightning.

A loud explosion echoed from afar.

The demon semi-emperor was blasted into smithereens, turning into nothing more than a bloody fog.

The movement of the sword of spiritual sense was very fast.

Once Austin thought of a place, it could easily reach it in an instant.

Austin could easily track down his enemies using his spiritual sense, targeting them in the blink of an eye.

This helped him take down the demon instantly.

Although there were many powerful cultivators in the Prime Martial World, nobody's movements could surpass the speed of Austin's spiritual sense.

Having chased down the demon successfully, Austin's demonic avatar integrated back to his body.

Now that the demon was taken care of, he could now focus on killing Baldwin.

He readily activated one of his demonic skills—the Diabolic Flashing Skill.

Once activated, it enabled him to take a step of fifty kilometers in a second.

Although his demonic avatar hadn't fully mastered this skill, it could easily take a step at least twenty kilometers in an instant.

The range of the demonic avatar's teleportation skill widely increased in a short period of time. It was because the power of the demonic avatar was as strong as a demon emperor.

It didn't take him long to catch up to Baldwin.

The sight of Baldwin disgusted Austin tremendously. He attempted to steal Austin's things more than once and even tried to kill him.

There was no way that Austin would spare his life.

"You son of a bitch, Austin!" Baldwin cursed in an infuriated voice.

Through his spiritual sense, he knew that Austin had killed the demon semi-emperor and was now chasing after him.

Baldwin shook in fear.

'Now that Austin could easily kill the two demon semi-emperors real effortlessly, I don't think I have a chance beating him.

I'm already at the middle stage of Semi-emperor Realm, while those two were just at the prel

ead today.

You should have seen this coming when you embarrassed me and threatened my life.

If you insult people, you will end up being insulted by them.

Similarly, you will get killed when you want other people dead. You reap what you sow," Austin said with a fierce look in his eyes.


Instantly, Austin's demonic avatar showed up.

It then exerted the Demonic Ultimate Cage.

Baldwin suddenly felt himself frozen, as if a great force was rendering him immobile.

Without giving his opponent any chance to struggle, Austin's demonic avatar immediately released the Diabolic Blade.

The blade emitted a very strong evil aura and instantly dashed towards Baldwin.

"How dare you!"

Baldwin roared frantically.


The spiritual sense sword rushed out of Austin's Soul Sea and shot towards Baldwin.

Baldwin had to handle two demonic skills and the Dominant Spiritual Sense Swordsmanship at the same time.

"Oh, no!"

Baldwin howled.

He gathered his power and managed to free himself from the Demonic Ultimate Cage's restraints.

Baldwin also warded off the attack of the Diabolic Blade.

However, the formidable spiritual sense sword had already reached him.

The sword of spiritual sense a streak of terrifyingly powerful sword aura and hit Baldwin.

Silence surrounded the entire whole place. .

Baldwin stood motionless in his place, a hint of bewilderment and shock reflecting in his eyes.

"You... really made it..." Baldwin uttered in utter shock.

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