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   Chapter 1332 Flee

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"Now what? Do you want to have a taste of my new skill too?"

Austin asked, flashing a faint smile at Baldwin and the other demon semi-emperor.

Taking out a demon semi-emperor with just a single move made Austin more confident.

He wasn't scared of Baldwin and the demon of the Semi-emperor Realm at all. If more, he had become more composed facing his enemies.

With his hands behind his back, Austin stared at them with a smile on his face.

At present, he didn't even see them as a threat, even though they were at the Semi-emperor Realm.

"What was that, Austin?"

Baldwin asked, looking quite thrilled at what the young man said.

The sword skill Austin had displayed impressed him.

Baldwin was a keen swordsman who had spent his whole life learning the swordplay, but he had never seen anyone employ a swordsmanship skill as extraordinary as Austin did.

Because of this, Baldwin felt envious of the young man. Suddenly, a dash of greed reflected in the former's eyes.

'If I learn this sword skill, I'll be stronger, ' he thought.

"That's none of your business," Austin responded coldly with a repulsive look on his face.

He knew what Baldwin was up to, judging by the latter's eyes. Austin had seen a lot of the same eyes that posed avarice.

Just like those men, Austin knew very well that Baldwin was another despicable man hiding behind his flashy clothes.

'Although Baldwin is a well-respected elder, he is actually a vengeful, greedy, and utmost cruel guy, ' Austin remarked in disdain.

"Austin, are you sure you want to be my enemy?

I'll give you one last chance.

As long as you give me the Magic Sea Water and that sword skill technique, I'll let go of all the animosity between us.

Besides, I'll compensate you a multitude of cultivation resources like divine vital energy crystals, herbs, pills, and magic treasures.

You can name the price.

You will be shocked to know how many treasures I have accumulated in the past few hundred years.

Once you hand me those two, most of my treasures will be yours.

More than that, I'll teach you everything I have learned. You will be my apprentice and my rightful heir.

By that time, you will be able to do whatever you want.

What do you say, Austin? There is no need to remain hostile anymore.

This is a win-win for both of us,"

Baldwin offered, intently staring at Aus

evil aura.

It displayed the Demonic Ultimate Cage to restrict the nine dragons from moving.

Then, the demonic avatar unleashed the Diabolic Blade. The blade pierced the dragons.

As a result, the nine dragons––which exulted immense power––were crushed to pieces in no time.

Baldwin couldn't believe that Austin had withstood his attack. He was really flabbergasted for a while, but then soon recovered.

"Just wait, Austin. I won't spare you," he said in a trembling voice.

He then transformed into a sword light and fled from the Sword Treasure-house.

Baldwin was fully aware that he was no match for Austin.

'I stand no chance of beating him.

If I don't run now, I'll be in a lot of trouble, ' Baldwin thought to himself.

"What the hell?" the demon murmured.

He was not expecting Baldwin to escape in the middle of a fight, especially since he was the one who offered to be his ally in the first place.

The demon knew that there was no way he could defeat Austin's demonic avatar.

After all, the demonic avatar was as powerful as a demon emperor, while he had just reached the primary stage of Semi-emperor Realm.

He knew that he was no match to Austin.


The demon transformed himself into a dark light and headed towards the entrance of the Sword Treasure-house.

A human cultivator of the Semi-emperor Realm and a demon of the Semi-emperor Realm had chosen to run away while battling a young cultivator.

Austin had never expected this to happen. This would surely shock the entire Prime Martial World if the news would spread out.

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