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   Chapter 1330 Succeed In The Cultivation

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Austin was now sitting cross-legged on the floor inside the Sword Treasure-house.

His whole body was wrapped in dense sword auras that were howling madly.

All of a sudden, a continuous buzzing sound suddenly rang out.

Apparently, the sound was a result of the terrible amount of sword aura that was slowly merging and compressing in Austin's Soul Sea.

He seemed to have reached a crucial moment in his cultivation of the Dominant Spiritual Sense Swordsmanship. Once he had succeeded in this step, he would then be able to make a breakthrough in his swordsmanship.

The power of his spiritual sense was now steadily honing the sword auras that were continuously dashing and wrapping over his Soul Sea. In a sense, it was as if a knife was being sharpened by a stone.

With every passing moment, the sword aura was being more and more refined, condensed, and merged into his Soul Sea.

Little by little, right at the center of Austin's Soul Sea, the prototype of a spiritual sense sword began to take shape.

This sword was created by the fusion and condensation of the essence of thousands and thousands of sword aura.

That kind of essence was the most powerful and the purest essence in the entire world

as it was formed by the compression of thousands and thousands of sword aura.

Therefore, it could be said that the spiritual sense sword was a new product that was a result of the combination of sword aura and the power of spiritual sense.

For now, however, the prototype of the sword was not yet stable. Thus, Austin still needed to use more of the sword aura there to make it as perfect as it could be.

One hour passed by, then two, then three... Then, finally, after several hours, the sword aura above the sky of the Sword Treasure-house eventually all disappeared!

Even in the entire Sword Treasure-house, no more sword aura could be found.

All the sword aura had been absorbed by Austin.

As a result, the spiritual sense sword now shone brightly in Austin's Soul Sea—a clear indication that the sword was now finally finished.

Based on Austin's rough estimate, the length of the sword was more than ten meters, and its width was five or six meters. At that moment, the sword's entire body exuded a radiant glow that gave it the same warmth as white jade.

Despite its beauty, the momentum given off by the sword aura was extremely formidable. In fact, it released a domineering pressure that seemed as though it could rule and even crush everything in the entire world.

Austin could immediately feel that the spiritual sense sword in his own Soul Sea was so powerful that it even seemed a bit outrageous. He felt as if the sword would be able to destroy anything he wished to destroy.

More than that, Austin also noticed that because the momentum of the sword aura was so powerful, a cloud of blazing sword aura was even able to find its way out of his brain.

Because of that, a cloud of sword aura could now be seen surrounding his head.

The bizarre scene was all because the sword aura in Austin's Soul Sea was too formidable.

At that moment, Austin looked like a legendary Buddha who had a dazzling halo behin

years old at that time.

Therefore, it was really unbelievable that he was able to leap to the level five sword domain from the level five sword potential in just a single day!

Any warrior would have considered such an occurrence as something that was very unlikely to happen as it completely contradicted the main principles of martial arts.

That explained why Baldwin found it hard to believe Austin's shocking improvement.

However, what he didn't know was that Austin's Soul Sea had the lifelong swordsmanship accumulation and the swordsmanship insights of the Sword Emperor.

As long as Austin could digest and absorb everything that the Sword Emperor had left him, he could make quick breakthroughs in his swordsmanship with ease.

Given Austin's powerful spiritual sense and learning ability, Austin did not have difficulty digesting and absorbing anything new.

Plus, as long as he protected his head and heart, he didn't need to be afraid of getting hurt inside the Trialing Corridors as he had the Magic Sea Water with great healing power.

It was because of the factors above that Austin was able to create such a miracle which could be considered a legend in the history of the martial arts.

Meanwhile, as Baldwin was snarling furiously, the two demon semi-emperors also looked at Austin with suspicion and alarm.

They were all well aware that since Austin was now standing in front of them, he had definitely passed the trial at the Corridor for warriors at the level four sword domain.

Thus, they both firmly believed that there was a high possibility that Austin's current swordsmanship had reached the level five sword domain. However, they were not quite right. As a matter of fact, Austin's swordsmanship was actually at the highest stage of the level four sword domain.

The level five sword domain was actually a supreme level that was extremely difficult to reach. Therefore, any warrior would be intimidated by a warrior with such power.

With that thought in mind, the two demon semi-emperors were, of course, greatly fearful of Austin and what he could do to them.

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