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   Chapter 1327 Dominant Spiritual Sense Swordsmanship (Part One)

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'He's one kind of a Sword Emperor then his best swordsmanship must be unique and rare. It wouldn't be something disappointing.'

Austin thought to himself as a soft curve of a smile appeared on his face. He was looking forward to it. He wasn't trying to hide his joy and excitement.

Another thing that excited him was the fact that the Sword Emperor's statue was sitting in his Space Ring right now.

If it was someone else, even if they completed the whole trial of level four sword domain, they would never have passed the next step - to reach the secret cultivating room on the other side of the cliff. He could accomplish it because of the little statue, which was at present in Austin's possession.

Austin considered himself very lucky that he had the statue. Indeed, normal cultivators wouldn't have been able to locate the statue. It would have been equally difficult for them to get hold of it and then get to the secret cultivating room.

Being able to complete the trial at level four sword domain and having the key statue of the Sword Emperor were the only two conditions that would lead the chosen cultivator to another lever. Austin had both of them!

Without further delay, Austin took out the statue of the Sword Emperor from his Space Ring.

As soon as the statue was in the air, a violent blast of light radiated from it. Austin had to cover his eyes to avoid being blinded. He was hardly able to see the surrounding.

Suddenly, something magical happened.

The next second, all Austin felt was a huge force of suction from the statue. The space around him started spinning.


He felt his body shaking and trembling. In no time, Austin disappeared from the area of the sword domain. He was jetted somewhere else, by the suction force that originated from the statue of the Sword Emperor.

Moments later, everything went eerily quiet around him.

After experiencing something like falling down the abyss, Austin finally felt his feet touching the ground again.

Upon catching his breath, he raised his head and opened his eyes. He found himself standing in the center of a spacious room. It seemed like a replica of a secret cultivating room.

He also found three doors in front of him

t everything that was in that room. Shortly, he controlled his joy and turned to the door in the middle.

He opened the door and noticed that the room behind the middle door had the same structure as the room he had just visited.

However, instead of massive amounts of energy crystals filling the entire space, there was simply a table placed right in the center of the room. A table that was made from pure white jade. Though the table seemed highly precious, something on the table caught Austin's attention.

It was a slip that was also made of the same material as the table!

'A jade slip? Damn! It's a jade slip recorded with martial art skills!' Austin was even happier than when he had found the crystals in the first room.

The joy overwhelmed him. With a wave of his arm, the jade slip rose from the table and moved slowly towards his hand. As soon as the jade slip touched Austin's hand, he unleashed his spiritual sense and let it soak through the slip. A powerful martial art skill was revealed to him instantly!

The Dominant Spiritual Sense Swordsmanship!

The sharp and fierce name of the martial art skill entered his mind. As he sensed deeper, the information that was recorded on the slip kept unfolding inside Austin's head. A massive amount of information and skill set were continuously transmitted to him.

'Oh yes. A dope martial art skill with a dope name, they just match each other perfectly!' Austin thought in his head with a very excited voice.

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