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   Chapter 1326 The Best Sword Skill Of Sword Emperor

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Baldwin didn't open his eyes as he didn't want to look at Austin. Rather he preferred to continue exercising his power to cure his injuries.

'Out of sight, out of mind!' Baldwin thought.

"There is only one Trialing Corridor left for me now.

If I pass this test, I will be able to master level five sword domain,"

Austin murmured with a hopeful smile on his face.

If he completed the task and surpassed the level five sword domain, he would most likely become the best swordsman in the Prime Martial World.

Austin did some stretching exercises to relax his muscles. Soon after that, he took out several pills from his Space Ring and stuffed them into his mouth.

He was quite exhausted after going through nine tests earlier, without taking rest.

Besides, he had been completely alert during the tests. It wasn't just physical exhaustion but also mental stress throughout the tests.

Thus, he desperately needed some time to recover his strength and stamina.

It was the reason why Austin didn't immediately rush into the next Trialing Corridor for swordsmen after he had completed the level four sword domain.

He found a serene place in front of the cliff. So he sat down there with his legs crossed and closed his eyes.

He began practicing the Golden Sun Scripture.

"Is this brat not going to get to the next test? Has he become doubtful about what he is capable of? Maybe he has reached his limits, and that's why he stopped?"

the two demon semi-emperors muttered in confusion.

They were a bit relieved when they noticed that Austin wasn't continuing the test.

'Ha-ha. The brat finally gave up and is not attempting the other tests.

Though he is talented in swordsmanship, it's impossible for him to pass all the tests here.

If one wants to pass all the tests, he also needs abundant practical experience and swordsmanship skills.

I'm an expert swordsman, but he is just a new comer in the skills of swordsmanship.

As long as I don't give up, I have a good chance to become the best swordsman.

I will be able to comprehend and pass through the trial of level five sword domain.

Already I'm better at swordsmanship than Austin.

Apart from that, my cultivation base is higher than his.

Once I surpass the level five sword domain, I can strike him down in a heartbeat.

And I will still be the best swordsman, '

Baldwin thought with pride.

Although he had closed his e

ing, ' he thought.


What's going on?"

Austin suddenly found that there was a problem.

Although he had passed the test, he hadn't reached level five sword domain.

He had fully mastered level four sword domain.

Austin was in utter confusion.

Suddenly, a loud laughter echoed throughout the cave.


Now that you've passed this test, it means you're an exceptional genius in swordsmanship.

I'm glad that I can impart to you all that I had learnt.

I'm sure you have some doubts, some questions.

You must be confused as to why you haven't reached level five sword domain after you got through the trial.

Don't think too much.

The reason is quite simple.

I had just mastered level four sword domain when I made these tests.

So I can only get you to level four sword domain."

'I see!'

Austin was thoughtful.

"Young man, since you've passed the test in this passage, you've qualified to be my disciple.

If you find my statue I left in the Prime Martial World, you'll be transported to a secret room behind the cliff, a place where I used to cultivate.

Apart from some treasures, there is a swordsmanship skill there.

I learnt it by chance, as it was in the ancient relics.

This is the best swordsmanship I've practiced.

It is more powerful than the three swordsmanship skills which I left in the statue."

Sword Emperor's voice faded away after giving Austin the instructions.

'The best sword skill that he had learnt!'

Austin licked his lips and his eyes sparkled with thrill. The idea of acquiring the best sword skill delighted him.

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