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   Chapter 1325 What A Cultivation Frenzy! (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5766

Updated: 2019-11-17 04:24

Austin met Baldwin's and the two demon semi-emperors' gazes with his cold, calculating eyes. He remained stern and untroubled by whatever they might think of him.

In fact, everyone had also noticed that Austin's temperament and the aura he manifested had also changed.

The sword domain he had reached had not only given him power, but also a better mentality.

He now looked more poised than ever, like a wise old man who had seen everything there was to see in the world. There was surprisingly no negative emotions in him, and he still had his ambitions. In addition to that, he became sharp, and it was evident that he towered above the rest in his every move.

He slowly turned his eyes to get a good hard look at the ones that doubted him, right then and there, everyone knew that he was no longer a pushover.

Having felt the sword aura that Austin released, Baldwin was now certain that the boy in front of him had indeed reached the sword domain.

His face twisted with anger. How he wished that he had killed this thorn in his side before all this could have happened. Now it was all too late.

The two demon semi-emperors, on the other hand, were staring at him with fear in their eyes, like they were afraid that Austin might kill them at any given moment.

Even though Austin had just reached the level one sword domain, it was more than enough to finish them off without much difficulty.

Not only that, having leveled up to master such powerful swordsmanship meant that Austin might be able to defeat them even without his demonic avatar.

While the three of them were all analyzing him, Austin too had thrown them a glance to see what had become of them. He couldn't help but notice that their

losing control of himself. He had been suppressing his anger, but he couldn't just sit back and watch.

Taking out a large amount of healing elixirs and bolting all of them, he sat down, adjusted his breath and focused on healing himself.

After half a day's time, his injuries had mostly recovered.

But he couldn't wait any second longer knowing that the boy he hated had surpassed him, and realizing that he was lagging behind.

He had to recover and throw himself back into the trails as soon as possible.

Another hour later, Austin appeared before them again.

He had passed the trial of the corridor for level three sword domain as well.

The two demons were now looking at Austin like they were looking at a monster. They couldn't take their eyes off him. After all, they had never seen such an amazing human warrior like him, not to mention someone so young and inexperienced like Austin.

Still immersed in his recovering process, Baldwin's whole body shook when Austin got out. Apparently, he too had sensed that Austin had come out of the corridor and reached the level four sword domain even without looking at the boy.

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