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   Chapter 1324 What A Cultivation Frenzy! (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5947

Updated: 2019-11-17 00:02

Austin was now caught in a bitter fight with a human-shaped figure formed by the powerful sword aura in the corridor.

The figure was in top shape, almost exceeding level ten sword potential. It could release a sword aura that was far more powerful than any of its kind that Austin had encountered before.

Austin was nearly pinned to the ground as he kept retreating to regain his balance and avoid the figure's relentless attacks. He deflected strikes from above, evaded lunges, and parried wide swings from the opponent. Nevertheless, the figure continued its assault on Austin and eventually landed a hit on Austin's side.

Streams of blood spurted out from his body, leaving a trail of crimson marks splattered on the ground.

His body had been riddled with wounds that caused his blood to leak out like a punctured water pouch whose holes were delivered by the enemy's needle-like precision with a sword.

Luckily, Austin brought enough Magic Sea Water. He would drink a bit of the healing elixir every chance he got, and all the wounds inflicted by the enemy slowly started to heal once they bled out.

With the help of the healing elixir, Austin held his ground for another two hours. Then suddenly, something happened midway into the battle.

He felt that his aura was changing—growing; his depleted mana had restored, and his eyes glimmered. He knew what was going on with his body. "Does this mean that I've reached...the sword domain?"

Once he realized it, he saw that it was now his sword aura that flooded the corridor. His densely packed stream of misty sword aura was evolving into a peculiar shape right at the moment. As he felt with his heart, he discovered that his sword aura was now operating according to the laws of heaven and nature, and even

ecame the first one of them to have successfully passed the trial, and leveled up to the sword domain that everyone so deeply desired.

This was rather hard to swallow for them, and would be beyond any sane person's belief. They bet that others would think they've made up the whole story.

In particular, Baldwin had reacted violently. After all, he had been a noted sword master at the level ten sword potential for hundreds of years, during which he ceased to make any progress no matter how much effort he had put into training.

But now, he was told that a young boy, who was much less experienced than himself, had gained what he longed for. Baldwin was devastated, there was no way to explain what happened.

Of course, none of them knew that Austin had the help of the Sword Emperor's life's understanding and achievements on swordsmanship, which was already stored in Austin's Soul Sea when he found the legacy of the Sword Emperor. Besides, the Magic Sea Water had ensured his quick recovery and sustained his life, enabling him to keep fighting all the way through the end of the corridor without fearing for his life. That was the reason he could fight at his best.

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