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   Chapter 1323 Austin And His Incredible Progress (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5966

Updated: 2019-11-16 05:20

It would regenerate the body as long as the heart and the head of the warrior were undamaged. The pill would work and regenerate the whole body, even if there was only one-third of the body left behind.

Its effect was much more powerful than the Magic Sea Water.

With the eminence of getting such a magic pill, Austin remembered something Angus had told him when they were in the Mysterious Nether World.

Angus once told Austin that, the process of regenerating his body would become way easier if he had a Regeneration Pill. Austin was thinking about it.

Obtaining one such pill in the corridor was a source of amazement. Getting the pill at this level was very fanciful for Austin.

Upon obtaining the Regeneration Pill, Austin started imagining how it could easily rebuild Angus' body.

After Austin came out of the Trialing Corridor for level nine sword potential, he did not spend much time wandering outside.

Instead, he dashed into the Trialing Corridor for level ten sword potential immediately.

With every successful Trialing Corridor passed by Austin, Baldwin became angrier. He was unable to control his rage.

'How is it possible, ' Baldwin screamed to himself silently with his fuming rage and shock. Reaching the Trialing Corridor for level ten sword potential all the way starting from level seven within hours was totally impossible! But, Austin expeditiously went through all the corridors with such ease. Now, he wasn't just angry on Austin but scared.

With the level of progress made by Austin, he would easily complete the test in the Trialing Corridor for level ten sword potential as well. Once he successfully completed this, he would reach level one sword domain.

That was the same level in which Baldwin was.

But there was no way Ba

Austin. He imagined Austin failing in this trial. Something much more evil stuck his mind. He imagined it would be best if Austin died in the corridor.

"Is this even possible for a mere human being to do?

His ease of way to pass through the corridors is just mind-boggling!

How could anyone cross five levels in just a couple of hours and improve their strength like that! Isn't that too fast?"

the dark-skinned demon semi-emperor exclaimed in surprise upon seeing Austin enter the corridor again.

The demon semi-emperor with silver scales covering his body in bashfulness also fixed his eyes on the direction in which Austin disappeared. There was no expressions on his face. He just held a plain face when Austin entered the Trialing Corridor for level ten sword potential. No one could even predict what was going on in this demon warrior's mind.

Austin, on the other hand, had successfully entered the Trialing Corridor for level ten sword potential.

"Whizzing! Whizzing! Whizzing..."

Upon peeping into the corridor, Austin was able to see the sword silhouette travelling quickly here and there. It was just like a sword silhouette downpour filled in the space.

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