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   Chapter 1322 Austin And His Incredible Progress (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6205

Updated: 2019-11-16 05:20

After he wore the priceless Golden Silk Armor, Austin left the Trialing Corridor for level seven sword potential.

Baldwin and the two demon semi-emperors stood in front of the cliff. They were busy gyrating their spiritual energy to heal themselves.

The three warriors who had injuries were racked with pain. They were unable to claw back completely in that short time.

There were too many jeopardies hidden inside those Trialing Corridors. The trails were neither easy, nor did they dare to move and to set foot into the corridor before their bodies recovered. They would have no longer been alive if they had behaved too hastily.

Austin took a fleeting look over them before he bustled into the Trialing Corridor for level eight sword potential.


Baldwin hummed in a scornful tone. It took two hours for Austin to make his way through the Trailing Corridor for level seven sword potential. When he passed the corridor and came out of it, he was still intact, kicking and alive. Then he immediately proceeded with the trail and went to the Trailing Corridor for level eight sword potential without any hesitation.

Baldwin stared at Austin with his eyes full of hatred.

He made a guess that Austin remained safe and unharmed in the Trialing Corridor because of the Magic Sea Water. And yes, he was right about this.

"I'm going to cut you down into pieces sooner or later, Austin. Have my words marked!"

There was so much anger and hate in his voice. He wished he could kill Austin right then. But then, unfortunately, he was hurt so badly that he couldn't do anything.

The two demon semi-emperors also shot Austin with resentful eyes.

Inside the Trialing Corridor for level eight sword potential.


I made it!"

Austin let out an exasperated sigh. Being shot, there were wounds and blood all over his b

slowly and then about half an hour later...


They were able to see a shadow which fleeted by their eyes. It was Austin. Austin flashed out from the corridor.

There were no signs of injuries in his body, like what they saw earlier. But there was something more to their surprise. The sword aura which came out of his body was ten times stronger than what they saw earlier.

All of his movements were carrying an enormous and powerful sword aura which was jetted into the surroundings.

Austin was making a tremendous process. He succeeded breaking through in the Trialing Corridor for level ten sword potential as well. Now that he had crossed through the Trialing Corridor, he had already reached level ten sword potential.

Adding to his path of successful progress through the Trialing Corridors, he found a pill in the corridor and that was indeed a great surprise.

There was a very unique name for the pill. It was known as the Regeneration Pill.

The Regeneration Pill had various great effects. But there was something which was very vital about the pill; it could help regenerate the flesh, blood and the bone in case of any injury. This meant, the Regeneration Pill could rebuild a whole human body.

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