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   Chapter 1321 Golden Silk Armor

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7338

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"Austin, you're indeed a genius among the young generation.

I actually kind of admire you.

How about you follow me, Austin?

As long as you swear your loyalty to me, I'll keep the past behind us.

When I seize dominion over the whole Prime Martial World, you'll be my trusted subordinate and you can get whatever your heart desires.

With you by my side, the whole Prime Martial World will be under our control in no time.

That's all I want to say.

It's time for you to make a decision.

I advise you to consider my proposal and think very carefully.

If you still plan to go against me, you'll be the first one to die by my hands

once I master the level four sword domain,"

Baldwin said in a domineering tone as if he was superior to others.

The volume of his voice boomed as if he was sure that he would be the master of the Prime Martial World in the near future.

"I see.

So you want me to be your follower?"

Austin was amused by his words.

'Has this guy lost his mind? What made him think I would agree to work for him?' he wondered in utter bewilderment.

Austin stared at Baldwin silently, his gaze deep-set and defiant.

A couple of moments later, he suddenly burst into laughter.

"Are you kidding me?

Screw you!

Do you really think you can control the Prime Martial World?

That's not going to happen.

You just received a test, and look what happened to you.

If you enter another Trialing Corridor, perhaps you'll die there.

Even if you make it out of the Trialing Corridor alive, I'll put you down sooner or later.

How can you even dream of conquering the Prime Martial World?

Don't be ridiculous,"

Austin snapped, his words jabbing at Baldwin.

Baldwin glared at Austin as embarrassment and fury devoured him. At this point, his disciples stepped forward and stood in front of him.

"You insolent brat!"

"How dare you!" the two cursed and pointed their verbal barbs at Austin.

"You ungrateful brat. Our master showed you mercy and intended to let you go, and this is how you repay for his kindness? You're going to pay for this!

I'll tear you into a million pieces," one of the disciples bellowed.

the wounds he sustained.

After a hard-fought duel, Austin soundly defeated the figure formed by the sword aura.

He had mastered the level 8 sword potential after the victory.

Moreover, he got a reward for completing the challenge.

His prize was a set of golden clothes that included a vest and a pair of pants. Austin touched the garments and he marveled at its smooth texture. 'These will feel great if I put on them, ' he posited.

The garments were called the Golden Silk Armor, which was made of silk produced by the legendary magic silkworm.

This armor was a defensive magic treasure. Anyone who wore it would not sustain any damage after being hit by cultivators who hadn't reached the Semi-holy Realm.

This meant that the cultivator who wore the Golden Silk Armor wouldn't get injured even if he didn't dodge the attacks from his enemies who were weaker than cultivators of the Semi-holy Realm.

'This armor is excellent!'

Austin exclaimed with sheer delight after learning what the Golden Silk Armor provided its wearer.

'Compared to the Sword-aura Boosting Pill and the archaic sword, this armor is much more useful and powerful.

Once I wear this armor, I won't need to fear those cultivators who haven't entered the Semi-holy Realm, ' he mused.

"I love this armor!" Austin gushed.

He stared at the Golden Silk Armor with a huge smile on his face.

Wasting no time, Austin took off his clothes and put on the armor.

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