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   Chapter 1320 Dominating The Prime Martial World (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-11-15 07:00

The trial consequently caused several hundreds of blood holes on his body.

If it were not for the two bottles of Magic Sea Water, he would have died immediately. There was no way he could have survived the passage without sustaining any wounds on his body.

Even if he made it out alive, he would have been badly hurt, injured, and close to death.

"Huh! You really are the most arrogant, Austin!

I'm done playing nice! I made you an offer, but you think you are so high and mighty to turn it down!"

Baldwin rebuked Austin. He glared at him intensely as he tried to gather all his strength. Suddenly, his power grew, and he looked big and ferocious.


His sword aura broke out from his body like a red flame and a loud burst came out of nowhere!

Each sword aura carried in itself an enormous power and was extremely sharp and dangerous.

His sword aura flooded the space near him. It was so forceful that it made the people around him unable to breathe.

Austin, the two demon semi-emperors, and Baldwin's two disciples felt like the air was being sucked out of their bodies. They felt as if they had been trapped in a hole filled with sword aura.

Their bodies seemed to be rooted at where they stood because of the intense sword aura, and they were not able to move a single muscle on their bodies. They tried to step backward to avoid the powers that emanated from the sword aura, but they were unable to take any step at all.

It seemed that their bodies were in a magnetic field with so much electric force that their bodies would be torn into pieces anytime. One false move meant death to any of them.

'What the hell?'

Austin sighed in disbelief to himself.

He sensed that Baldwin's sword aura was far more powerful

you could dominate the Prime Martial World. You deserve this!"

Baldwin's two disciples immediately chimed in upon hearing their master's rant about the future. They too got so excited that their bodies started to tremble. They raised their hands in praise to Baldwin.

If Baldwin was really going to dominate the Prime Martial World and became the most powerful warrior there, it meant that as the greatest master's disciples, they would also be respected by every other cultivator in the Prime Martial World.

When they thought about this, they cheered loudly. One would think the event had already come to pass, and they were already celebrating their victory.


You want to dominate the Prime Martial World?

Austin was greatly surprised. He had never anticipated that Baldwin would have such thought and wild imagination.

The two demon semi-emperors exchanged looks with each other when they heard Baldwin's declaration. They were surprised too and there were curious expressions on their faces.


Baldwin suddenly shouted at Austin as he gathered all his strength. He knew what he wanted in his heart, and he was going to get it!

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