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   Chapter 1319 Dominating The Prime Martial World (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5829

Updated: 2019-11-15 07:00

As for the fate of the two demon semi-emperors from the demon race, they were in the worst condition and sustained the most injuries.

The one who had dark skin lost not just one but both feet, two arms, and a half of his body. It was a gruesome sight to behold, and one with weaker mind might have fainted by now.

However, the main parts on his upper body such as his head and heart remained unharmed.

Lucky for him, he was from the demon race; and thanks to their amazing resilience, he survived this time. He was able to recover fast, although he was hurt badly and sustained major injuries. His lost body parts were able to grow back, eventually.

If he was a human warrior, there was no way he could recover completely. Even if he escaped death. He would have lost his body parts forever.

As for the demon semi-emperor who had silver scales on his body, his fate was a lot better. He lost his right foot and right arm but sustained no other injuries.

However, just when they thought the worst was over, something unexpected happened all of a sudden!

It was Austin. Without any warning he rushed out coming from the sixth passageway!

Baldwin and the two demon semi-emperors froze. It was too late! They screamed in surprise upon seeing Austin. Unable to move, they waited for the moving figure as he advanced towards them.

With their eyes locked on Austin, they stared in disbelief. One couldn't blame them, though. Who would have thought such things?

Austin was seen rushing out from a passageway. It was connected to the Trailing Corridor with level six sword potential, not the fifth they saw him enter in the beginning!

"What? Austin, you broke into the two Trialing Corridors! Am I right?

And your body rem

rors looked at each other and exchanged their opinions in great shock upon hearing Baldwin's words.

Obviously, they knew about the Magic Sea Water and its immense power. They knew about its healing effect on their injured bodies.


So you are thinking about getting the Magic Sea Water from me? That was your bright idea?

Do you really think I'm that stupid and clueless to give the Magic Sea Water to you? In your dreams! Ha! Ha!"

Austin smirked and gave an arrogant and disgusted look at Baldwin.

Baldwin was not giving up on the Magic Sea Water.

It was reasonable. No one would be willing to give away something as powerful as the Magic Sea Water. It was known as one of the three magic liquids in the Prime Martial World.

It was extremely useful in treating any kinds of wounds. Once people applied it on their wounds, they would be healed immediately. It was the best defense weapon. Any warrior would be eager to have it.

When Austin entered the corridors for cultivators with level five and six sword potential, he was definitely hit by the sword aura for several hundreds of times. There was no way he could have avoided it.

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