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   Chapter 1318 Sword-aura Boosting Pill

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'Is this a magic pill?'

Austin wondered while staring at the white pill inside the wood trinket box.

To his surprise, the magic pill emitted streaks of sword aura.

He had seen many rare pills, but this was the first time that he had seen one which emitted the sword aura.

With a wave of his hand, the pill flew out of the box and landed on his palm.

The instant it touched his palm, he got a message from his Soul Sea.

It turned out that the pill was the Sword-aura Boosting Pill. As it was being made by a pill refiner, a highly-skilled swordsman infused the sword aura into it. This enabled the pill to contain such strong sword aura.

When a user took the pill, he could unleash a sword aura with the same force to that of an all-out attack from a cultivator of the Semi-emperor Realm.

"I see. This is the Sword-aura Boosting Pill,"

Austin declared while looking at the pill resting on his palm.

One Sword-aura Boosting Pill enabled the user to attack his enemy with the sword aura that had the same amount of power as the master of the Semi-emperor Realm possessed with his full strength.

For other cultivators, this pill would truly be a rare and precious treasure worth keeping.

After all, the cultivators at the Semi-emperor Realm were among the strongest in the Prime Martial World.

For those who hadn't reached the Semi-emperor Realm, getting one Sword-aura Pill meant they had a chance to save their lives.

However, this Sword-aura Boosting Pill wasn't that useful to Austin because his demonic avatar was as powerful as a cultivator at the Semi-emperor Realm.

His demonic avatar could easily defeat a Semi-emperor Realm master.

Furthermore, the Sword-aura Boosting Pill could only be used once. Upon realizing this, Austin shrugged his shoulders.

"Alright, I'll put it aside," he muttered.

Afterwards, he placed the Sword-aura Boosting Pill into the Space Ring.

Without wasting any more time, Austin hastily exited the fifth cave which was meant for participants who had completed level five sword potential.


Austin stood in front of the cliff in an instant.

He looked around only to find Baldwin's disciples.

At this point, Baldwin and the two

o, Austin had mastered level seven sword potential.

Besting the person formed by sword aura meant he had made another breakthrough in his swordsmanship skills again.

When the figure of sword aura dissipated, a loud crashing sound of metal falling to the ground rang out the cave.


A sword came into his view.

'What's this?'

As he pointed at the weapon, it appeared in his palm.

He looked into it and recognized that it was an archaic weapon.

Staring at the sword in his hand, Austin didn't show much joy on his face.

Most cultivators dreamt of having an archaic weapon, but Austin didn't find discovering this magical sword fulfilling.

This was because he possessed the Ancient Dragon Sword—a primeval weapon. The sword was more powerful than an archaic weapon.

'It seems like this sword is useless to me, ' he thought.

"But I should keep it nonetheless," he murmured.

He stored the archaic sword into his Space Ring.

Seeing as there was nothing left to do in the cave, Austin quickly dashed to the exit.


Austin appeared in front of the cliff again.

However, this time around, he was greeted with an ominous sight.

Baldwin and the two demon semi-emperors were sitting cross-legged on the ground, seemingly being routed by a skilled cultivator.

Austin was shocked to see them in such a seriously injured state.

There were about a hundred deep holes on Baldwin's body. He looked to be succumbing to his wounds.

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