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   Chapter 1317 Level Six Sword Potential

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Austin could sense very clearly that the human-shaped figure which the sword auras had formed possessed level five sword potentials.

And there could be no doubt in that. He was sure in his assessment; the figure definitely had perfect level five sword potential.

Judging by its spiritual sense, Austin could also sense that a common warrior, even one who had a level five sword potential in his repertoire, would be no match for the figure. It was far more powerful.

Wait what?

Austin suddenly exclaimed in astonishment; his vital energy had been sealed by some unknown and mysterious strength. He couldn't use it!

What's worse, his magic treasure was also sealed. No wait, that wasn't the worst of it!

When he tried to access his demonic avatar, he found out that it was also completely trapped inside his body, rendering it completely useless.

In despair, Austin found out that the only attacking method he could use right now, was to use his own level five sword potential.

And that wasn't his strong suit. In a nutshell, he could only fight the figure by making use of his sword potential. Other attacking methods like martial arts, magic treasure and bodily movement skill had been constrained. Now he and the figure were, in theory, evenly matched.

Austin felt he was in a dilemma, as his sword potential was weak and other attacking methods were sealed.

'Well that's no good. And a bit harsh.'

Austin was dumbfounded and displeased too.

It looked like he was going to have to defeat the figure by his sword potential alone.

Though he was annoyed, Austin also grew a lot of respect for the Sword Emperor's formidable powers.

The Trialing Corridor created by the Sword Emperor was powerful enough to completely seal off his demonic avatar. Even a demon itself couldn't have sensed that presence inside him, but the corridor had done so, and trapped it in.

And doing this was no joke. Austin's demonic avatar had the power of a demon emperor, which was much more powerful than any other demons.

However, the figure itself did not give Austin much time to exclaim at the Sword Emperor's powers.

It was closing in on him. Fast!

A fight was imminent.


A sword suddenly appeared out of thin air in the figure's hands, as if its hands had been the sheath.

The sword already looked rather formidable, and when wielded by a figure which had perfect level five sword potential going in his favor, the sword seemed to be dancing with an elegant shadow, letting out a powerful pressure.

Countless blurs of sword auras began to strike Austin from all angles.

Austin hurriedly took out the Ancient Dragon Sword from his Space Ring and launched his own attack, initially hitting at the sword auras to dispel them from causing him any harm.

Although the power of the Ancient Dragon Sword had been somewhat weakened in the co

ith a firm hand and once again, released several sword auras to attack the puppet.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The figure was getting beaten back and had slid several meters away.

Now it was not a match for Austin at all. It only had level five sword potential while Austin had level six sword potential. The disparity was so wide it was laughable.

This was the point where Austin could crush his opponent almost too easily.

The battle was drawing to its end.

Finally, Austin managed to directly hit the head of the figure with his Ancient Dragon Sword, and a wondrous thing happened!

The figure exploded into a million tiny pieces of sword auras

that got scattered all over the sky.

However, those auras did not just vanish into thin air. Instead, Shoop! Shoop! Shoop!

They headed straight towards Austin and entered his body before

he could react.

Austin found to his great astonishment that the sword auras were not harmful. Instead, they all transformed themselves into sword cultivation bases once they entered inside him.

At last, his body absorbed every single piece of sword aura around him.

Now, there was a feeling inside him which said that he could control these sword auras with his mind easily.

His level six sword potential was also completely consolidated.

"'I made it through, finally. Whew!

I wonder what kind of treasure the Sword Emperor will give me for winning this trial!"

Austin took a deep breath, his eyes filled with expectation and hesitation, not knowing what was to come.

So he stepped forward evenly.


A carved wooden box suddenly fell down right in front of him. It seemed to have materialized out of thin air. There seemed to be a gleam of treasure from inside it.


Most probably, the treasure was hidden in this wooden box. Wonderful!

Austin walked forward and opened it, his eyes fixed on it, as if he were in a daze.

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