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   Chapter 1316 A Human Figure Made Of Sword Aura

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"Wow! These corridors are amazing! The Sword Emperor might have used it as his storage or dungeon. There must be some treasures hidden here.

Besides, this wall of the mountain has blocked the way.

The only way to continue exploring seems to be through this steep hill.

Why don't we get into one of the Trialing Corridors and try our luck?" the silver-scaled demon suggested.

"I think my level of swordsmanship is roughly equal to the level four sword potential. I might as well choose the fourth corridor then."

As soon as he finished his words, the demon instantly made a plunge and disappeared behind the entrance of the fourth corridor.

"Alright then. That makes sense. I will try the third one since my level of swordsmanship is the equivalent of the level three sword potential."

The black demon followed and headed towards his chosen level. He could not join his friend at the fourth corridor as his swordsmanship had only reached the third level.

Both demons were now inside the Trialing Corridor.

These two demon warriors' sword potential were far better compared to many human warriors. They did not just focus on cultivating their demonic skills, but also spent their time and effort in honing their swordsmanship.

Austin was currently roaming the fifth corridor. He was looking at his surroundings when a familiar voice rang in his ears. It was the Sword Emperor, who had been continuously voicing out his reminders.

The words had basically the same meaning as what Austin had heard in the first corridor. The Sword Emperor had given a reminder as well as a warning.

Passing the corridor's test would be very beneficial to Austin. He would be able to advance his level of swordsmanship and also get good rewards in the form of rare treasures.

The rewards were high and so was the price for failure which was essentially death.

Without any second thoughts, Austin activated his level five sword potential. Immediately, the air in the corridor whirled like a strong wind.

As the sword potential surrounded him, he continuously walked deeper into the corridor.

"Ha ha!

You can't run away from me this time, Austin!

You will die here today!"

All of a sudden, Baldwin's voice echoed from behind him. His loud scream was full of aggressiveness and blood thirst. The excitement was apparent in his eyes at the thought of finally getting the chance to get his revenge.

Austin wasn't threatened by Baldwin's presence. He turned to look at his challenger with the coldest and most piercing glare.

He knew of Baldwin's murderous intent, but he was never afraid of him.

The tense silence was only broken by the Sword Emperor's voice. It turned up again after sensing Baldwin's presence.

Baldwin paused for a while, turning away from Austin as he listened intently to the Sword Emperor's words.

The two stared at each other without moving a single step, their heavy breathing echoing through the corridor.

A few seconds later, Baldwin gathered his thoughts, his face suddenly lit up. He smiled sheepishly. 'Now this rule is interesting. I like it!' he thought to himself.

Baldwin was bursting with excitement as he found the Sword Emperor's words very interesting.

However, Baldwin only paid attention to the S

ticing swordsmanship. None of these things actually moved except for Austin.

A moment later, something caught Austin's attention.

He heard some noises and noticed some movements a few meters ahead of him.

He stopped to analyze the situation. He held his breath and tried to decipher what he just heard.

About ten meters away from him, a few sword aura filaments suddenly appeared. These filaments looked like hair tails from the deep ocean, making the entire corridor look like an undersea palace.

The sword auras were mobile and they headed towards Austin. He couldn't help but feel the hairs at the back of his neck rise as these filaments started to fill the narrow spaces of the corridor.

Austin was right to be wary. Pretty soon, the filaments began to multiply. It was only a matter of time before hundreds and thousands of these sword auras unraveled in front of him.

They threatened to take up the whole space.

Austin's heartbeat rose as he watched them flow slowly in the air. But the next moment, they sped up and gathered together.

Thousands of these sword auras weaved into one another. It was a beautiful sight as these gossamer filaments sparkled in the light.

However, Austin wasn't in the mood to appreciate this mass of iridescent filaments as something stranger was about to happen. As the sword auras coalesced, they formed a human-shaped figure.

The filaments formed hands, legs and a head. Austin could even see a vague outline of its eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

Then, he heard footsteps.

It was coming from the figure. Each step it made echoed through the entire corridor. Austin couldn't help but think that the sound seemed so different from that of a real human being.

Then again, this figure was only shaped like a human, but it was obvious that it wasn't a real person. Austin could feel the danger emanate from this figure in waves, as if the auras that made it had transformed into invisible daggers.

What was happening here?

This was the first time that Austin saw something like this. It was extremely strange and, though he was rather intrigued, the sight also alerted him. He took a defensive stance at once.

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