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   Chapter 1315 Encounter Baldwin Again

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When Austin finally realized what was going on, he was thrown out of the Trialing Corridor and fell on the ground hard.

"That must have been Sword Emperor's voice.

Looks like he was a very strict person," Austin murmured.

He got up immediately, a bitter smile plastered on his mouth.

'I've already mastered the level 5 sword potential. I thought I could successfully pass those trials in the first five Trialing Corridors so that I could get more rewards. That's why I entered the first cave which suits for swordsmen who has mastered the level 1 sword potential.

But apparently Sword Emperor doesn't allow participants to do that, ' he realized.

'Very well then. I will get into the fifth Trialing Corridor, '

Austin thought to himself.


Looks like this guy hasn't even comprehended the level one sword potential yet. He is such an idiot. In order to get treasures, he even attempted to enter these Trialing Corridors to receive swordsmanship tests. How dumb could he get?

Humph! If this brat hadn't use some means to control Annihilator the Demon Emperor's corpse, he would be as weak as an ant,"

the demon semi-emperor in black ridiculed Austin with a smirk on his face when saw Austin thrown out of the cave.

"You're quite right. He is just at the Heaven Realm. I could easily kill him in a heartbeat if only Annihilator the Demon Emperor's corpse wasn't under his control,"

the other demon from the demon race covered in silver scales sneered in contempt. He was itching to get rid of Austin already.

Ignoring the two's insulting remarks, Austin smiled defiantly and headed towards the fifth Trialing Corridor.

Then suddenly, Austin sensed the overwhelming sword aura from the distance.

In a split second, a middle-aged man in white appeared in front of the cliff as if he just popped up out of nowhere.

Two young men stood behind him.

"Austin Lin!

What the hell are you doing here?" the middle-aged man asked, surprise clearly echoed in his voice.

"Humph! There are two demons in here as well. Have you conspired with the demon race? You're definitely a spy Austin.

Don't even think about denying it,"

he shouted at Austin after a pause.

Austin recognized the man who yelled at him. It was none other than Baldwin.

Baldwin stared at Austin with defiance in his eyes.

Although he was slightly afraid of the mysterious demon who always assisted Austin, he didn't think highly of the man. In his mind, Austin was just a weak Heaven R

tried to figure it out.

In an instant, it finally dawned on him what the caves were for.

"It turns out these are Trialing Corridors which are designed for swordsmen to test their performance in swordsmanship. Perhaps Sword Emperor left his treasures in these caves.

I need to get inside and see for myself,"

Baldwin murmured, excitement clear in his voice.


He suddenly dashed into the fifth cave too where Austin entered.

Baldwin and Austin had the same thoughts with regards to what the caves could be hiding.

He had mastered the level ten sword potential already. He was convinced that he could pass all the tests in the first ten passages without a hitch.

If Baldwin passed all of the tests in these caves, he was sure that he would get more rewards.

The reason for him entering the fifth Trialing Corridor was that he intended to kill Austin whom he considered as his enemy.

"Let's wait here," the young man in indigo said.

He led the teenager who wore yellow clothes to a clean spot and they calmly sat down to wait for their master's return.

The two of them hadn't mastered the sword potential yet, so they weren't qualified to enter those Trialing Corridors.

The demon with dark skin laughed wildly.

"This is definitely going to be very interesting.

That brat is not even qualified to enter the first cave designed for participants who have comprehended the level one sword potential.

But now he foolishly broke into the fifth cave which only cultivators who have mastered the level five sword potential could enter.

He is definitely digging his own grave," he said, a wild smile plastered on his face.

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