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   Chapter 1314 Get Out Of Here!

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Austin found that inside each cave there was a Trialing Corridor for swordsmanship.

After a quick walk around, he found fourteen caves in total. Counting left to right, the first to the tenth cave were used for trial from level one sword potential to level ten sword potential.

Moving on, from the eleventh to the fourteenth, the caves were for trial from level one sword domain to level four sword domain.

Austin had a little knowledge about the different realms of swordsmanship. The realm above the realm of sword aura was the sword potential, and higher than it was the sword domain.

However, in the Prime Martial World, the highest level that most of the swordsmen could reach was the sword potential.

Even the topmost sword masters, such as Baldwin, who had been well-known for hundreds of years, possessed swordsmanship which was only at level ten sword potential. They hadn't reached the realm of sword domain yet. It was indeed quite a difficult realm to reach.

So, for the cultivators in the Prime Martial World, the realm of sword domain was just a legend. They'd heard about it but had not seen even one cultivator reach that realm.

'Does it mean that a person should enter one of the fourteen Trialing Corridors for trial according to his actual realm of swordsmanship?'

Austin had a vague thought in his mind.

His current status of swordsmanship was at level five sword potential.

In other words, he was qualified to enter the fifth cave for trial to improve his swordsmanship.

Austin stood in front of the stone wall leading to the fifth cave, and pondered for a moment.

'Well, now that I'm here, I should go into these corridors and see what's inside.

Maybe, the honorable Sword Emperor let me enter this Sword Treasure-house with a purpose in mind. Probably it will help me practice and improve my swordsmanship in these corridors.'

Austin made up his mind to enter the corridor.

Just as he took a step towards it, he heard two familiar voices.

"What the hell is this place? Why is there such a large wall blocking our way?"

"Austin, it's you!

Hmm! We're just looking for you."

The two voices belonged to the two demon semi-emperors. They had attacked Austin earlier. Like Austin, they also came to explore the inside of the Sword Treasure-house and had finally arrived at the front side of the massive stone wall.

Apparently, until now the two demons too had not found any valuable treasure along the way. Thus, they swore all the time to vent their anger.

Now, the two demon semi-emperors were staring at Austin with their blood-shot eyes, as if they couldn't wait to kill Austin. Yet, they were not overwhelmed by their hatred. They had to hold back as they were forbidden to kill anyone at such a special place and they had more important tasks to deal with at the moment. Therefore, they managed to restrain their killing intent.

"Austin, if we were not inside this palace of the Sword Emperor, where the use of force is prohibited, I would have torn

he sound had been preserved in the tunnel by using some kind of arcane spell. Once someone entered the cave or the tunnel, the voice would begin the announcement.

No one was speaking inside the tunnel. He was certain of that.

"The first Trialing Corridor is suitable for a swordsman who is at level one sword potential.

It should be kept in mind that inside this Trialing Corridor, you will experience life-threatening crises one after another. If you cannot pass the trial, you will be killed in the end.

Yet, if you successfully pass the trial, you can move out and go for level two sword potential.

In addition, you will be rewarded handsomely with precious treasures.

All right then! Those are the rules for the trial. Now, please choose whether you want to quit or continue the trial.

If you choose to continue the trial, the moment you display the level of your current swordsmanship, the trial will begin.

If you choose to quit, you just need to turn around and go straight out,"

the voice in the tunnel announced.

Austin listened carefully. He began to understand and analyze the rules.

He perceived that if he passed the trial, the level of his swordsmanship would increase by one level.

Apart from that, he would be rewarded some precious treasures.

However, if he failed the trial in the end, he would face death!

"All right! I choose to continue the trial."

Austin walked forward and released the power of his level five sword potential.

The next moment, he heard the voice again. But this time, it seemed furious.

"Damn you!

Your current swordsmanship is not suitable for the first Trialing Corridor! Get out of here immediately!"

It was the same voice which had spoken earlier in the tunnel. This time it was stern and authoritative.

Without waiting for Austin to react, a force of teleportation was released. It hastily threw Austin's body out. It hardly gave Austin a moment to register what was happening as he was thrust out of the first cave.

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