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   Chapter 1313 Sword Potential And Sword Domain

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"I need to get out of here," Austin murmured as he squinted his eyes.

Austin dared not waste any more time, and went deeper in the Sword Treasure-house in a flash. He was aware that every second counted in this situation.

His demonic avatar caught up with Austin in a split second, and immediately entered his body.

The two demon semi-emperors from the demon race were engulfed with fear. They suddenly started shaking uncontrollably. Without a second thought, they ran away like cowards.

In the next instant, loud explosions suddenly erupted out of nowhere.

Multiple streaks of sword aura slammed at the area where Austin and the two demons had once stood.

The sword auras were frighteningly powerful and varied in size. Some were as big as a human's thumb, while others were the size of a door. Some of them were indigo in color, while the other sword auras were bright and golden. Despite of their differences, each sword aura was so lethal and was packed with so much power.

The streaks of sword aura were blindingly bright, and were accompanied by the crackling sounds which could be heard from miles away.

In a blink of an eye, the ground turned into a total mess. Rocks and debris were scattered everywhere and there were multiple holes on the ground, as if bombs suddenly blew off in the area.

At this moment, Austin was several kilometers away. What just happened definitely shook him to the core and left him gaping at the area where he once stood. He was relieved that he sensed what was about to happen, which gave him the opportunity to escape.

'It was a good thing that I was able to run instantly with the use of my bodily movement skill, or else I would have been dead already.

It turns out fighting is not allowed here in the Sword Treasure-house, and anyone who defies this rule will be attacked by the sword aura.

That must be the Sword Emperor's voice, ' Austin thought to himself.

Austin kept moving onwards, delving deeper into the Sword Treasure-house.

The two demon semi-emperors from the demon race were also relieved that they had ran away, or they would have been blown to bits by the sword aura.

"Humph! Looks like we can't do as we please in this place.

If we want to kill Austin, we have to wait until he has left this God-forsaken house. We really don't have any other choice.

Well, since we can't take any action here, we should at least look for the treasures that the Sword Emperor had left behind," one of the two demons suggested.

The two of them rushed forward and went deeper into the

f nowhere. He was so intrigued by it, that he knew quite well he wouldn't be able to move forward if he didn't search it first.

It was obvious that he still had a long way to go even after he got through the cliff.

And who knows, maybe he would be able to discover something hidden behind the cliff.

Due to the cliff, Austin had to stop in his tracks.

He studied the cliff carefully. His eyes swept up and down the large land mass.

Eventually, Austin discovered two words etched on the cliff. It read: Trialing Corridor For Swordsmanship.

Besides that, he also observed fourteen caves on the cliff.

Each cave was about more than two meters high and over a meter wide.

And amazingly, streaks of sword aura gushed out from them like water squirting out.

Each cave looked dangerous, which frightened anyone who dared enter them.

"Trialing Corridor?

Are these caves meant for swordsmen?" Austin muttered, as carefully surveyed the caves one-by-one in front of him.

It was the first time that he had seen anything like it.

Austin then saw some words written above the entrance of the cave.

From the left to right, the sign above the entrance of the first cave read 'Level One Sword Potential'.

The sign above the exit of the second cave read 'Level Two Sword Potential'.

The sign above the exit of the tenth cave read 'Level Ten Sword Potential'.

The sign above the entrance of the eleventh cave read 'Level One Sword Domain'.

The characters above the exits of the last three caves were 'Level Two Sword Domain', 'Level Third Sword Domain' and 'Level Four Sword Domain'.

'Sword potential? Sword domain?

Let me see.'

A thought suddenly crossed Austin's mind.

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