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   Chapter 1312 No Violence

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Though the demonic avatar merely let out one strike, both the demons were able to recognize the identity of the demonic avatar.

They were so astounded that their eyes were wide open and their jaws hung low.

They stood still without making a move. They were transfixed. They could not believe that the demonic avatar was actually the last leader of the Heaven Claimer tribe—Annihilator the Demon Emperor.

The two demons were petrified as they discovered this.

In fact, the demon semi-emperors were just two of those demon masters who had come to the Nonuple Isles of the Middle World Waters looking for the Demon Emperor earlier.

They had seen what the Demon Emperor looked like when they were on the Nonuple Isles so it was fairly easy for them to recognize him at present.

Though both of the two demon semi-emperors were powerful, when compared with the Demon Emperor, they knew clearly about the horrible strength of Annihilator and that was sure that they were surely no match for him.

So the moment they found that they were facing with Annihilator the Demon Emperor, their hearts beat faster out of fear and excitement.

"Your Majesty, what is going on? Why are you here?

I heard that you were no more.

But now I see you are still alive and what are you doing with this human?"

one demon semi-emperor asked with great caution, guarding his tongue carefully for fear that it would provoke him.

Another demon semi-emperor was also frightened, since they knew they would never stand a chance in front of Annihilator the Demon Emperor.

"Ha-ha! I have taught your Demon Emperor a goof life lesson. He has now decided to abandon the depraved way of life and return to the path of virtue,"

Austin taunted after hearing his question.

"It can't be true!" the two demon semi-emperors shouted in shock.

Then they turned to Annihilator the Demon Emperor and asked quizzically, "What on earth is going on here?"

There was anxiety and anger in their booming voices.

Just then, one demon semi-emperor suddenly realized something and his expression changed.

"Howl!" he bellowed wildly. "I get it! Shit! This guy fooled us!

That demon in front of us indeed owns the body of Annihilator the Demon Emperor, but it is not his spiritual soul that is controlling the body!"

the demon semi-emperor spat out curses. Obviously, he was in a fit of terrible rage about Austin's deceit.

"Yes, you are right. We are absolutely aware of how powerful the demonic spiritual soul of Annihilator the Demon Emperor is. It is a thousand or even ten thousand times greater than our demonic spiritual souls.

But at this m

condensed by the demonic energy force. Actually, it was a superb demonic magic treasure and the power of it was also unfathomable. So everything would be a tough challenge for Austin anyway.

Just like human warriors, the demon race also had their magic treasures which they brought out at the right moments.

What's more, it was generally believed that their magic treasures were even more formidable than human warriors' for the ways in which they refined them. To humans those ways probably seemed weird.

'It's no wonder that the power of the Demon Emperor could not be fully occupied. The demonic skills that my demonic avatar have obtained are deficient compared to what they actually possess, ' Austin thought to himself.

He came to know that in order to truly bring the power of the Demon Emperor into play, it was necessary to get a more advanced demonic skill and practice it to take on them.

'If I can get the demonic skills of the two demon semi-emperors, then the power of my demonic avatar will certainly be greatly enhanced. This will help me in the end.

And then, perhaps my demonic avatar will be able to activate the Demon Emperor's full power.'

As Austin thought about this, his eyes shone with utmost desire.

He was determined to obtain the demonic skills of the two demon semi-emperors!

A few more moments passed.

Shoop! Shoop! Shoop!

Just then, Austin suddenly realized that the whole Sword Treasure-house began to tremble violently and countless sword-light flashed towards him and the two demon semi-emperors in all directions.

Then, a thunderous voice was suddenly heard in the Sword Treasure-house—

"No violence! On pain of death!"

Hearing this, subconsciously, Austin knew that danger was approaching.

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