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   Chapter 1311 How Could It Be

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Austin searched for a while but it was in vain. He found nothing. Still he didn't give up and started to go further into the village.

However, at this point, there was something weird that he could sense.

Austin felt like something or someone was behind him.

He turned around and stared ahead. He looked around everywhere in the distance.

But there was nothing strange before his eyes. It looked totally empty. Austin knew his intuition couldn't be wrong.

Thus, Austin used his spiritual sense to scan the area around. It took a few seconds to know that he was right, as he found two figures hiding a little away in the distance. Clearly, they were stalking him. Austin then started to walk towards them. Meanwhile, he shouted, "Who the hell are you? Come into the light! Show yourselves!"

"Ha ha! You, being a poor and incapable human, could find us so easily. Well, you are damn good." one of them remarked distantly.

The other one gave out a harsh laugh that grated the ear. The laugh echoed in the place.

As they began speaking, Austin saw two giant figures appear in the distance.

It took Austin a few seconds to realize that those two figures were demons. They looked furious and malicious, as they kept staring at Austin, with merciless smiles on their faces.

One of the demons was all black, from head to toe, while the other one was covered by silver scales.

Though they didn't move even a little, and stood in the distance, Austin could still feel the powerful energy released from their body.

Austin was astonished.

He thought to himself, 'My spiritual sense is good enough to sense anything or anybody around me. But these two demons were able to avoid my spiritual sense. They followed me all the way till here.

Thank god, I found them at this point.

Otherwise, I would have been in a very difficult position. I'd have ended up in a passive state, if they had attacked me suddenly.'

"I reckon you are Austin, aren't you?

Hmm! It is quite an impressive thing that a human was able to recover more than thirty kingdoms from us, the noble and invincible demon race. Indeed, it's shameful for us!

But today, Austin, you will never escape. We are going to kill you and get those kingdoms back,"

the black demon spoke in a haughty tone.

"Lowly human! I pity you, poor dog! All the humans in Prime Martial World deserve to be slaves of our Heaven Claimer tribe.

Get down on your knees, Austin! Be prepared for your death!"

The demon covered by silver scales roared, with arrogance filled in his eyes. He was so aggressive when he spoke to Austin that it looked like he was commanding h

were singing the funeral songs in the space.

"Damn!" the demons yelled.

They were truly strong and reacted at once.

Raging in fury, the black demon got rid of the seal of Demonic Ultimate Cage.


A nine-tiered Demonic Tower appeared in his hand. It seemed thousands of demons and ghosts were locked themselves in each layer of the tower. They kept crying and yelling.

Strong power that started suppressing the demons and ghosts in the tower was released. Austin could feel the powerful energy within it.

"Summon the Great Demon God!"

the silver demon yelled. Subsequently, he quickly chanted something to finish the summon spell.

At the same time, the wind whistled and howled incessantly.

The space was distorted. Light slowly started to recede and the whole universe became dark.

A few moments later, a giant shadow of the Demon God appeared indistinctly above the silver demon, roaring in the air.

Boom! Boom!

Austin heard loud crashing sounds. It was like something had exploded.

The two demons jumped back. The sounds were probably because they broke the seal.

Both of them were unhurt as they escaped getting hit by the Diabolic Blade.

Austin stood in shock! The nine-tiered Demonic Tower held by the black demon and the Demon God summoned by the silver demon were able to withstand the Diabolic Blade skill employed by Austin's demonic avatar.

"How could it be? You are Annihilator the Demon Emperor!"

Suddenly, both the demons had their eyes fixed at Austin's demonic avatar. They couldn't believe what they saw. The demon standing in front of them was the one they never expected to see there. It left them dumb-founded when they realized that the demon with Austin was Annihilator, the Demon Emperor.

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