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   Chapter 1310 Inform Our Master

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When the two demons entered the Sword Treasure-house, neither of them noticed something bizarre above them––countless streaks of sword aura shone brightly, lighting up the sky as if there was a galactic phenomenon taking place.

Because they beamed so brightly, the lights could actually be seen from dozens of miles away.

Thick sword aura beams hovered over the manor, moving incessantly like thousands of wiggling snakes.

Because of this, a formidable wave of energy enveloped the whole manor.

The surrounding looked tempestuous and blustery as if a storm was on its way.

At the same time, sword aura beams also soared into the air from a seemingly bottomless abyss near a massive mountain.

Two figures stood on its slop, gazing intently at the radiant lights.

"What's this?

Look, the sword aura bursts out from that abyss," a young man exclaimed in excitement, pointing at the chasm.

He was about eighteen and wore yellow clothes with a sword hanging on his back.

"Yeah, I see it.

It's coming from the Sword Emperor's residence.

Looks like something is going on. Perhaps the door of that place has opened.

Let's go and check," another young man in indigo suggested in a shaking voice.

He, too, like the young boy, carried a sword on his back.

In a blink of an eye, the two young men reached the edge of that seemingly endless abyss.

Without any hesitation, they jumped off the cliff.

A few moments later, they arrived at the Sword Treasure-house.

"You were right! The door has opened,"

the young man who wore yellow clothes exclaimed with thrill.

"We need to fill master in on this.

This manor has been under our guard since he assigned us here three years ago.

This place surely means a lot to him.

Now that the door has finally opened, I'm certain master will be glad to know this,"

the man in indigo clothes happily suggested.

He stretched out his hand, and suddenly, a cloud of white light materialized ov

gent to deal with.

I'll be in back in two days," Baldwin said hurriedly.

As he moved his body, he flashed himself above the Mysterious Sky City.

Turning into a light, he quickly disappeared in the distance.

Back in the Sword Treasure-house, Austin dodged the attacks of the invisible sword aura while unleashing his spiritual sense to scan the place.

The manor occupied a vast area with a multitude of buildings, pavilions, terraces, towers, artificial hills, and pounds around it.

Apart from seeing those, Austin also set his eyes on the mountains, lakes, and grassland. It was only nature that Austin thought it was a big city from the outside.

He had guessed that the Sword Treasure-house was another small alternate dimension.

'It's normal for a great master at the Emperor Realm to live in a small alternate dimension, ' he thought to himself.

As he went deep inside the manor, he saw numerous palaces.

However, to his disappointment, there was nothing inside those buildings.

'Perhaps I should go deeper to look for treasures.

Sword Emperor wouldn't have asked me to come here for nothing.

He must have hidden some precious items in this place that he wanted me to find, '

Austin pondered, flashing a wide grin on his face as he excitingly thought of the possible treasures.

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