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   Chapter 1309 The Use Of The Sword Emperor's Statue

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"Wow! What a strong sword aura!"

Austin was deeply shocked at the sight of the immense sword aura above the city. It wasn't something he had ever seen before.

The Sword Treasure-house used to be the palace of the Sword Emperor.

"Why was there still such a ghastly strong sword aura in the Sword Treasure-house?" Austin murmured to himself.

He got lost in his own thoughts before remembering what the Sword Emperor's wisp once told him. The emperor had since left the Prime Martial World 1000 years ago for a new, far superior world.

It could be considered a miracle that despite the long of absence of the Sword Emperor at the palace, the Sword Treasure-house still contained such an amazing sword aura.

Time had hardly left any scars on the house and the sword aura remained as powerful as before.

'Could it be possible that the Sword Emperor had left an array here to block the sword aura within the Sword Treasure-house?'

Austin stood there looking outside the place dumbfounded and confused. His brain was filled with doubts. The curiosity in knowing the source of the sword aura was killing him.

Trying to find an answer, he decided to make a move. 'I'll just walk in there and see what is going on.'

He then took a deep breath and headed towards the palace.

It only took him a few seconds to reach the front gate of the Sword Treasure-house with the use of his bodily movement skill.

The enormous gate was tightly shut as the ancient palace stood formidably beyond it.

Wisps of sword aura floated in the air like fishes swimming in the sea, as if guarding the gate.

Austin carefully twisted his body to avoid the mass of sword aura. He then tried to push the gate of the house.

As the gate was about to be opened, something unexpected happened.


The loud sound shocked Austin. The moment his hand touched the gate, the massive sword aura suddenly became restless. They writhed and trembled, as if disturbed by something dangerous.

Austin stood still in front of the gate without realizing that the chaotic sword aura was already targeting him, Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

All of a sudden, dozens of sword aura darted at him.

Austin was taken aback with the sword aura's sudden attack. He quickly jumped on his feet and wielded the Ancient Dragon Sword, smashing them into pieces.

However, he didn't even have time to breathe.

ound him.

The Sword Treasure-house was filled with the invisible energy and sword aura, which would attack both the outsider's bodies and spiritual souls.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The sword aura surrounding him were alive and testing him.

Austin mustered up his courage knowing he had no choice but to remain alert of his surroundings.

The sword aura here was incredibly strong and powerful.

There was no way he'd be able to defend himself against them.

The city was mostly empty and covered in dust. There was no denying that the Sword Treasure-house was old and worn out.

'The Sword Treasure-house is huge. It'll take me a long time to explore.'

Austin thought.

Just then, the sound approaching footsteps echoed in the air.

It seemed to come from outside the ancient city!

In front of the huge gate, two magic clouds landed on ground. Suddenly two men of the demon race appeared.

"Hmm? It is a house left by a Sword Emperor of the human race!

That kid was very lucky to have found such a place!"

The dark skinned demon exclaimed.

"Yes. Just look at the remaining sword aura above it. The owner must have been someone of the Emperor Realm."

The demon with silver scaled body nodded in agreement.

"Hah-hah! How impressive! A warrior of the Emperor Realm! That is rare even in our Demon Abyss World."

"So there must be some treasure here!

Let's go in there!

We'll kill that kid named Austin and take the treasure for ourselves!"

The one with pitch-dark skin laughed greedily. With one swift move, he was already inside the gate.

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