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   Chapter 1308 The Sword Treasure-house

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Very soon, more than 200, 000 of Austin's people were settled comfortably in the imperial capital city of the Jade Kingdom.

They had had a long journey, so after telling everyone to get some rest, Austin took his leave and went to his temporary house.

Though the lodgings were temporary, it was still quite a large and magnificent house with comfortable rooms and soft decor.

"Master, are you sure that The Jade Kingdom is where the Sword Emperor left behind his Sword Treasure-house?"

Violet asked Austin.

"Of course. I know it to be true because the Sword Emperor embedded the map of the Sword Treasure-house into my Soul Sea.

Later, when I carefully examined the topography of the Jade Kingdom earlier today, I found it was almost completely identical to that in my Soul Sea. Coincident? I think not.

That's how I'm so sure the Sword Treasure-house is in the Jade Kingdom,"

Austin answered.

Since his men looked tired, and there was no knowing what turmoil lay ahead, Austin gave his troops one complete day in the Jade Kingdom so that they could refresh themselves. But that was only one part of his motive behind that decision.

He had another purpose too.

It was the specific location of the Sword Treasure-house, which was located somewhere in the Jade Kingdom.

He had acquired a treasure which was a statue of the Sword Emperor in the Sunset Mountain of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

And as the statues of famous and powerful personalities were supposed to be, it too possessed an extraordinary property. There was a wisp of the Sword Emperor's will inside it.

This wisp of will had taught a lifetime's worth of insights about swordsmanship that the Sword Emperor had gained to Austin. And if that weren't enough, it had also taught him three sets of sword skills.

It was this wisp of will that had told Austin that the Sword Emperor had left a palace in the Prime Martial World. And this palace was exactly what Violet was asking about—The Sword Treasure-house.

To help Austin navigate through that palace, the will had filled his Soul Sea with a map of the Sword Treasure-house.

And while they were busy chasing demons in the Jade Kingdom, Austin had noticed that weirdly, the terrain of the Kingdom was exactly the same as the terrain in the map of the Sword Treasure-house. The odds of two pieces of land following the exact same topography were thin, even in a world as big as today.

Violet had a few doubts though. "Master, didn't you tell me that the Sword Emperor asked you not to enter the Sword Treasure-house until your cultivation base had reached the Primal Holy Realm?

I don't mean to be disrespectful or anything, but you are currently at the medium stage of Heaven Realm.

Even if you do find the Sword Treasure-house in the Jade Kingdom, aren't you afraid of the danger you might be in if you ventured in there too early?" she asked.

"Ha-ha, Violet, you are right. I have reached only the medium stage of Heaven Realm, but you're forgetting one important thing.

My body can

too, and fell down as comfortably as if he was flopping down on his sofa.

According to the map given by the Sword Emperor, the Sword Treasure-house should be straight under this cliff.

Austin plummeted down for quite a while.

The wind whistled in his ear as he gained momentum continuously and moments later, he finally found solid ground beneath his feet.

He looked around and found himself in a vast desert.

It was a rocky terrain, rolling with red sand, and looked dead and desolate. The sky had become dark now, and there was a blast of evil wind in the air.

'What's going on here?'

Austin was confused.

He had jumped off the cliff of a mountain. Technically, this should have been a rocky or green area.

'How did I suddenly appear in a desert? Is this a small alternate dimension?' Austin wondered.

The chances weren't that slim about that. The Sword Emperor had been a powerful cultivator. 'Was that abyss an entrance to this small alternate dimension?'

Austin had a vague idea but he wasn't too sure.

On deeper examination, he found that the red desert beneath his feet was littered with human and animal skeletons, most of them decaying and half-absorbed in the sand. It looked like that numerous humans and demonic and diabolic beasts had perished here.

'So I guess that's the Sword Treasure-house!' Austin squinted at the end of the desert.

There was a great city far in front of him.

It looked a bit run-down, and seemed to have fallen into disrepair over the course of time.

But it exuded a deep sense of civilization. According to the scale of the building, and the quality of the construction, it must have been a magnificent city in its time.

What was more remarkable was that the city in the distance seemed to be full of streaks of thick sword auras, which were roaring and surging around in mid-air, like guard minions!

'That's indeed the Sword Emperor's Sword Treasure-house, which he left behind in the Prime Martial World.'

Austin was positive about his judgment.

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