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   Chapter 1307 The A.L. Army

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Now Austin had four subordinates who were at the Semi-holy Realm.

To be more specific, there were five of them, since the queen was also a Semi-holy Realm master.

Besides them, he had twenty two followers who were at the Primal Holy Realm.

Austin was well aware that the battle effectiveness and technical aspects of his army were quite lower when compared to the Southern Alliances Army.

It had to be because there were nearly a dozen Holy Realm masters in the Southern Alliances Army.

On the other hand, none of Austin's men had even entered the Holy Realm.

Despite all that, Austin knew that he had a trump card—his demonic avatar. It could defeat a dozen masters even if they were at the Holy Realm.

Hence, it was child's play for Austin to retake those small kingdoms which had been seized by the demon race. He could easily take those kingdoms back, though they were guarded by tens of thousands of demons.

Meanwhile, there were many rumors which started spreading across like forest wildfire.

There was word on the street that Austin had taken back more than thirty kingdoms which had been occupied by demons.

All the human cultivators and demons on the South Continent had heard this.

Austin had become the point of focus of the whole South Continent. Everyone seemed to be monitoring or keeping a tab on his activities.

In the stronghold of the Southern Alliances Army, three elders were sitting in deep thought in a room.

"Well done, Austin! This is really good news.

Ha-ha! The boy is quite an amazing fellow.

Recently, the demon race had started gathering all their resources and fighters. They were planning to have a final battle against us.

But now Austin has messed up their plan,"

Godwin, dressed in a white robe, exclaimed in delight, tapping the table.

"You're really lucky. You have such an excellent disciple, someone you can be proud of.

Now you can tell everyone that you're Austin's master," Julius and Peter said to the rapturous elder.

They were glad to hear the news. At the same time, they were slightly envious of Godwin.

But now everyone was happy to hear about Austin and his achievements. "Hmm! This brat rose to fame overnight," Baldwin murmured with a grim expression.

He was in his own room.

He knew that it was good news for the Southern Alliances Army that Au

days later, we'll split our men into three groups. Then we will move ahead to attack the Purple Phoenix Holy Kingdom, the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom and the Elite Holy Kingdom at the same time.

This is going to be a decisive war between us and the Southern Alliances Army!"

The demon who was in charge discussed the plan with his subordinates.

Since their leader had already made a decision, none of them dared to raise an objection.

An hour later, two dark lights were seen departing the Snow Kingdom.

Those two dark lights gave off enormous evil aura.

Things were moving differently in the Jade Kingdom.

Austin took over the Jade Kingdom from the demons four hours ago.

It was the 38th kingdom that Austin had successfully taken back from the demon race.

All the enemies in the kingdom had been slaughtered.

Having got rid of the enemies, Austin took his men to the imperial capital city to have some rest.

He knew that his men were exhausted after fighting against those demons for the last five days.

Hence, he ordered his men to rest for one complete day.

Lots of cultivators had joined Austin's side in the past few days.

Now Austin had more than 200, 000 followers.

And people started calling Austin and his team as the A.L. Army.

It was Clark and other cultivators' idea. They named their team after Austin.

When Austin heard it, he also didn't oppose it. He was happy to have an army of his own which carried his name.

Soon, everyone in the South Continent got to know about the A.L. Army and its achievements.

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