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   Chapter 1306 Too Slow (Part Two)

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They all felt it at the same time. It was the kind of vital energy wave that only cultivators from the Semi-holy Realm were able to release!

While Brandon was still celebrating the successful breakthrough, Austin summoned the thunder unicorn back to him.

As the thunder unicorn came nearer, he could sense that something had changed within it. Apparently, after it had absorbed all that lightning energy from the Heavenly Doom, the thunder unicorn seemed to have gained a huge amount of power. The aura surrounding it had also become brighter than before.

Imperceptibly nodding his head, Austin was very satisfied by the results from taking a risk on the Heavenly Doom.

The thunder unicorn was recalled back into Austin's elixir field.

"Commander Austin, you cannot begin to fathom how truly grateful I am for your help.

If it weren't for you and your little beast, I don't think I could have made it through the Thunderstroke Doom in one piece. Seriously.

Thus, you have earned my loyalty as your humble servant. I am at your disposal anytime you wish. This represents how grateful I am for everything that you have done for me today. I hope you will realize that."

Brandon went straight towards Austin right after the breakthrough was completed. He thanked Austin sincerely, with all his heart.

He knew the extent of his own abilities, and that without the help of the thunder unicorn, he wouldn't have been able to have a successful breakthrough by himself.

"Brandon, don't think too much of it. It's not that big of a deal. It pleases me to see that you've made it through the Thunderstroke Doom. Congratulations."

Austin gave him a modest smile.

"Thank you, sir. I don't know if you've already heard, but I'm not the only one doing this. Recently, there were many cultivators who had their own breakthroughs as well."

Clark sincerely informed Austin.

"That sounds nice. I'm happy for them."

Austin nodded in agreement. Hearing positive news like the achievements of other cultivators who were doing their best to im

all the way from the farthest reaches of the continent to join Austin and his army.

Beforehand, most of the cultivators were more likely to join the Southern Alliances Army considering the scale of the army and their accessible resources.

But, since Austin's army had proven its great strength while conquering all those cities, such new force had spoken for themselves and created a huge impact way beyond their imagination.

If the Southern Alliances Army was the fiercest army in all of the South Continent, there was no doubt that Austin's Army had caught up and quickly became the next. Or, it might even be better than the Southern Alliances Army in the people's eyes.

Austin noticed that there were more cultivators from the South Continent that had come to him and wanted to serve in his army. He was quite elated with the "consequence" brought on by his conquest. He only had one requirement for the new comers. That was, their cultivation base had to be at the Astral Realm levels or above.

If this requirement was not fulfilled, one shall not be given the chance to join his army.

It had only been five days since Austin accepted new cultivators but the number of his soldiers had already increased up to 100 thousands!

Among all the new comers, there were two cultivators from the Semi-holy Realm.

And, fifteen from the Primal Holy Realm.

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