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   Chapter 1305 Too Slow (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7400

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"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

Countless lightning bolts streaked across the storm clouds covering the sky, rumbling relentlessly towards Brandon.

Feeling the inevitable approach of lightning, Brandon raised his hands above his head. In an instant, his vital energy force summoned numerous gigantic handprints that formed a shield to protect him against the strike of lightning!

The handprints formed a web-like shield, interconnecting with each other. It absorbed the lightning's energy and prevented them from hitting Brandon. If an observer would attempt to count the handprints in the sky, it would hurt his eyes.

As if that wasn't amazing enough, Austin spotted something else as each handprint was formed by Brandon's vital energy force: in the center of every handprint lied a pure image of a divine and mighty Buddha.

Austin suddenly realized that Brandon was using a special martial art skill that he had been practicing - the Thousand-Buddha Palm.

Performing the skill of the Thousand-Buddha Palm instantly produced over a thousand handprints formed from the user's vital energy force. It was indeed an extremely powerful skill.

After a few seconds of witnessing the skill, Austin slowly shook his head.

It was clear to him that Brandon's foundation of vital energy force wasn't powerful enough to maintain the skill's use.

His lack of vital energy force did not enable him to maximize the full potential of the Thousand-Buddha Palm's ultimate power.

While Austin's evaluation of Brandon's performance was ongoing, the latter was having difficulty dealing with the thunder. Brandon's nerves were frayed and he was exhausted, but the intensity of the thunder and lightning only grew as time went by.

"Master, he is weakened by the thunder. I don't think Brandon is powerful enough to make it through the whole Thunderstroke Doom."

Clark approached Austin slowly, his face etched with worry.

"It's okay. I'm going to give him some help,"

Austin said deliberately to ease Clark's mind.

"Help? Wait, what do you mean?"

Clark was confused for a second. 'How could Austin help Brandon overcome the Doom?' thought Clark.


In a blink of an eye, a thunder unicorn appear

he breakthrough.

Clark and Brandon still weren't completely convinced by Austin. They knew by their instinct that the Heavenly Doom wasn't something could be easily duped by such a simple trick.

Austin did not recall the thunder unicorn back. He let it continue to absorb most of the lightning with an incredible speed.

After a certain amount of time, Clark and Brandon grew tired of waiting to see if interfering with the breakthrough would backfire on them. As Austin expected, nothing bad happened.

Brandon finally gathered his courage and his wits; he was ready to face the Thunderstroke Doom.

Brandon felt confident about his breakthrough, especially with the thunder unicorn by his side. His attacks seemed to reflect what he was thinking, and he was able to adapt his attack style more flexibly.

Shortly after, the intensity of the lightning waned to the point that there were only a few sparks left scurrying between the clouds.

The dark clouds dissipated and faded away gradually as far as their eyes could see. The clear blue sky was uncovered after the last few sparks of lightning died down.

At long last, everything returned to normal. There were flowers swaying in the breeze, birds singing in the trees. It didn't look like anything happened here mere moments ago.


After only a short respite, a tremendous wave of vital energy force exploded from within Brandon's body, running through his veins and every fiber of his being.

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