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   Chapter 1304 Recapturing The Lost Territory

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10670

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''Kill them all!''

Austin stood tall in front of his enemies. He gave these six demon semi-saints a cold piercing glare as they rushed in to attack him. He had already predicted his enemies' moves so he instantly ordered his demonic avatar to slaughter them all!

The demonic avatar followed Austin's command. In the blink of an eye, he jumped in front of the savage demon semi-saints.

The demon semi-saints were caught off guard. ''Damn it! Who the hell are you?

Why are you attacking us? Aren't you one of us?''

They sensed the demonic avatar's overwhelming power and trembled in fear. They instantly took a step back knowing they couldn't fight against this mighty demon.

The wrath in Austin's eyes was evidence enough that he would show these demon semi-saints no mercy. He commanded his demonic avatar to release the Demonic Ultimate Cage to prevent them from escaping.

Out of fear the six demon semi-saints tried to run off but they suddenly found it extremely difficult to make even a single step. It was as if their bodies had been trapped in a bottomless swamp.

Bang!Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Loud, crushing sounds echoed all over the place.

The demonic Avatar approached the immobile demon semi-saints. In a flash, he threw them six powerful punches.

Those powerful punches knocked down the demon semi-saint's heads and smashed them into powder.

It never crossed the minds of these demon semi-saints that they would one day get killed by someone of their own race. They came to the Prime Martial worlds thinking of themselves as very high and mighty, presumptuously thinking that they could own the world.

The demon semi-saints were killed instantly by Austin's demonic avatar in one swift move.

All the warriors watched in awe after they witnessed the demonic avatar's formidable power.

The demonic avatar's loyalty to Austin moved the warrior's hearts. They couldn't help but look at the demonic avatar with reverence and acclaim.

Austin's cultivators thanked their lucky stars for having the demonic avatar as their ally. It would have been a nightmare if they were at opposing sides.

After annihilating the demon race with his powerful avatar, calmness was once again restored to the Rainbow Kingdom.

Austin brought his cultivators to the imperial capital city, and freed all the warriors that had been imprisoned by the demon race.

One of the prisoners was the emperor of the Rainbow Kingdom.

The emperor was already at a state of despair and Austin's timely rescue brought him back to his senses. His newfound freedom brought him so much joy that he even offered Austin his throne to show his appreciation.

Austin declined the emperor's offer. He wasn't someone who desired a throne.

Swiftly, Austin and his people wiped out all traces of the demon race in the Rainbow Kingdom in a matter of hours.

Within five hours, not a single soul of the demon race could be found in the city. After that, Austin utilized the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot to take him to the other lands and purge it of the demon race forces.

The demon race's strategy put them at a disadvantage. The elite squad were mainly stationed at the imp

lsion waves.

The experience from the previous battles gave Austin's soldiers valuable cultivation insights. Coupled with the steady supply of resources they got from each kingdom, this meant that his forces were all making breakthroughs left and right.

This included even the members of the evil shadow race.

Austin couldn't help but feel a great sense of pride as he looked at his soldiers.

He was also glad that he manage to prove to them that fighting was the most efficient way to improve.


There was a loud explosion from somewhere not far away.

It was so loud that it even made the earth rumble.

"Oh?" Austin exclaimed. "It seems that someone is trying to resist the Thunderstroke Doom."

He quickly used his spiritual sense and located the place where one of his warriors was currently attempting a breakthrough.

A familiar figure appeared, almost completely buried by the intense thunderbolts. However, Austin could faintly recognize that it was Brandon.

Brandon was at the preliminary stage of Semi-holy Realm. He pledged his allegiance to Austin way back in the Trinary Star City.

Warriors who were beyond the Primal Holy Realm would usually have to resist the Thunderstroke Doom to make a successful breakthrough.

Austin couldn't help but frown after he perceived Brandon's Thunderstroke Doom.

"He is in danger.

I don't think his cultivation base is solid enough to support his breakthrough,"

Austin murmured to himself in concern.

"Wait! How could I forget?!"

It suddenly occurred to him that there was something he could do to help!

Austin recalled that he was in possession of the thunder unicorn that he had stored in his elixir field. This thunder unicorn had the ability to break into the Thunderstroke Doom and devour the power of the thunder, as seen during the queen's last breakthrough.

"Well, might as well do him a favor."

Austin activated his bodily movement skill and suddenly reappeared right beside Brandon.

Since his demonic avatar mastered the Diabolic Flashing Skill, Austin could cross long distances in the blink of an eye.

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