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   Chapter 1303 Kill Thousands Of Demons In The Blink Of An Eye

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8666

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Austin hopped on the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot and drove it away from the Crescent Kingdom as fast as he could. Ten long hours had passed and he was finally entering the Rainbow Kingdom.

The vast land in front of him showed just how big this kingdom was compared to the Crescent Kingdom, the place where he came from.

The Rainbow Kingdom was now controlled by the demon species. They had about 70, 000 of them, among which, 40, 000 were stationed in the imperial capital city.

The other 30, 000 were scattered in other parts of the kingdom.

All of a sudden, the sound of a violent gust of wind was heard right outside the imperial capital city, interrupting the silence.

Beams of lights started flashing in mid-air, so erratic that it was almost blinding, and then it finally stopped before the gates of the imperial capital city.

It was the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot, standing proudly in its glory.

Austin and the queen of the evil shadow race stepped down from the chariot together and stared at the huge city in front of them.

They could sense the dense, evil aura from the heart of the city, and had they been normal humans, it would have sent chills down their spine.

"Humans? How daring of you to come here. Leave, or else you will face your untimely demise," someone hiding in the dark warned.

Before Austin knew it, ten demons had already circled him and the queen.

Eerie, cracking sounds were heard each time the demons moved.

A normal person would have cowered in fear and cried, but the queen just waved her hand and blasted a wave of energy so strong that the bodies of the demons exploded all at once. What was left of their bodies then dissipated into the air.

It was now Austin's turn. He closed his eyes and summoned over 60, 000 cultivators. They greeted the demons with eager eyes.

"Let's kill these damn demons and destroy the city!"

Austin shouted as he waved his hand and motioned for the cultivators to move forward.

"Let's go!" said the cultivators in unison.

Everyone rushed to the huge imperial capital city in high spirits with only one goal in mind: ending the demon race once and for all.

"Urgent news! Human cultivators are attacking us!"

the demon guards shouted repeatedly to alert the entire city. They could see thousands of cultivators getting close as they stood guard on the tower. Fear and panic began to fill their system as they had never seen such a huge number of courageous cultivators aiming to burn their kingdom to the ground.

But soon they were swallowed by the crowd of human cultivators. I

prehend the situation in front of their eyes.

Everyone was startled

as to how Austin's demon avatar could kill more than 30, 000 demons alone.

Human cultivators wanted to kill more, but Austin didn't give them the chance to!

The battle ended quickly.

From start to end, the whole process merely took six or seven breaths.

The battle had come to an end before anyone's knowledge.

Human cultivators were yet to be convinced if this was reality or just a game.

Some loud greeting teeth sound was heard.

The demons who managed to survived trembled in fear. They gritted their teeth as they starred at Austin's burning passionate eyes.

The remaining demons were all frightened.

Another angry roar disturbed their victory.

"What exactly is going on?"

At that moment, six black lights flashed in and out of the imperial capital city.

They were the six semi-saint demons.

One was a premium stage demon semi-saint while two were medium stage semi-saints. The rest were preliminary stage semi-saints.

The six demons came to the battle field and got rooted on the spot as they saw the numerous dead bodies on the ground. The demons' number was significantly reduced, and only a thousand remained alive.

"What the hell just happened here?" "How could they die in seconds?"

The premium stage semi-saint demon roared angrily to the demons who managed to survived. They were enraged and confused of the situation in front of them.

The six semi-saints demons were aware of the human cultivators' capacity as they had fought before.

But no one prepared them for the worst scenario. They came a little late, and couldn't decipher how all demons were almost killed in just 6 or 7 breaths.

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