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   Chapter 1302 Practicing The Demonic Skills

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These seven demonic skills were more superior than the demonic skills that Austin had mastered earlier.

Of course they were also very powerful yet they fell short when it came to these seven demonic skills.

After studying and analyzing the seven demonic skills thoroughly, Austin finally made up his mind.

He decided to let the demonic shadow practice three of them - the Demonic Ultimate Cage, the Diabolic Blade and the Diabolic Flashing Skill.

Those three skills were the ones in which Austin was most interested. He decided that he would skip the other four skills for now.

He understood that sometimes one shouldn't be too greedy. If he practiced the seven skills all at once, he would never succeed.

Besides, he knew that as long as he could catch stronger demons of the demon race, he would definitely get to know more demonic skills in the future.

Austin let his demonic shadow begin practicing the three demonic skills in a quiet street. He stood beside the shadow, serving as a guardian.

The demonic avatar had the demonic energy of the demon emperor, so it was very easy for it to practice those demonic skills.

The day quickly passed off.

With the day coming to end, a satisfied look appeared on Austin's face. The demonic avatar had successfully mastered the Demonic Ultimate Cage, the Diabolic Blade, and the Diabolic Flashing Skill.

All the three skills were extremely powerful. When Austin saw the demonic avatar master the skills, he came to know what powers they held.

The Diabolic Flashing Skill could make Austin travel fifty thousand meters in just a flicker of time. Austin had never known that there was a skill that could make a person travel that far at once.

The skill was far better than the Demonic Teleportation Skill he practiced before.

The Demonic Teleportation Skill could only make a person travel about five to six thousand meters in the blink of an eye.

The distance that the Diabolic Flashing Skill could make a person cross was ten times more than the Demonic Teleportation Skill!

After the demonic avatar successfully mastering the three skills, Austin had to do the next thing he had on mind.

He looked for a quiet and peaceful place. He landed in another vacant street.

He sat down with his legs crossed, and took out hundreds of thousands divine vital energy crystals and began laying them around himself as a wall. Then he took a good amount of elixirs and put them around himself too.

After doing that, he drank half a bottle of Refined Vital Energy Liquid.

"I really hope that I can achieve a breakthrough this time,"

Austin mumbled to himself.

The fact was that Austin had been feeling the urge to attempt the breakthrough after the cultivation and fights in these past days.

It was now that he got the

e was going to try the Diabolic Flashing Skill.

The demonic avatar was usually hidden within Austin's body.

Therefore, the two of them acted like one.

That explained why Austin could directly use his body to work the demonic skills, which could only be used by a member of the demon race.


With a quick thought, Austin appeared at the Martial Arts Square of the imperial capital city.

All the sixty thousand people had been waiting there for quite some time.

They were wondering when Austin was going to show up. They were waiting for his order.

And when Austin appeared in front of their eyes all of a sudden, most of them to some extent couldn't understand what was happening.

Austin had suddenly come before their eyes. This left them awe-struck.

As seconds passed, they began to realize that Austin was really there. They were completely shocked.

Their state of shock was because they didn't see him coming at all. He just appeared out of nowhere.

The king of the Crescent Kingdom was also standing at the square. He was there with a group of royal people. They were present there to see off Austin.

The king was totally aware that Austin's help was the only reason that he was still the ruler of this country.

Thus, he was very thankful to Austin.

Austin stopped for a while and spoke to the king of the Crescent Kingdom for a few minutes.

"I'm sorry. It took me so long to come back." Austin began to address his people.

"All right then! It's time to go. Our destination is the Rainbow Kingdom!"

Quickly he teleported all of them into the City which he kept with him.

He took out the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot and got on it with the queen. Straight, they went to the Rainbow Kingdom at a very quick speed. They were unaware of what lay ahead but they were all ready to face whatever would meet them there.

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