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   Chapter 1301 Getting Seven Kinds of Demonic Skills (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-11-14 00:03

Additionally, apart from their wounded bodies, their demonic spiritual souls had also suffered greatly. And their already vulnerable souls were now on the verge of falling apart under the demonic avatar's barrage of violence.

When the power of a skill reached a certain degree, it could not only wipe out the flesh, but also the spiritual souls quite easily. This was what the seven demon warriors were experiencing at that moment.

So as long as Austin could use the power of the demonic avatar to the fullest and weigh it all on those demon warriors, he also had the ability to break their souls and crush them to dust.

The seven demon warriors were well aware of that, too.

But Austin didn't want to give them a clean and easy death. In fact, he meant to torture them and teach them a lesson. Finally, after about two hours of torment, they realized that they had slipped into a life and death situation and gave in.

The mortal human being was not the only creature that feared death. As evidenced by their actions, it was apparent that the demon race also did.

With that, Austin's strategy worked, and he got what he wanted from the demon race.

He wanted their high grade demonic skills!

Only by cultivating more demonic skills could Austin increase the power of his demonic avatar and unleash the demon emperor's full potential.

The seven demon warriors didn't let him down. In all, he got seven high grade demonic skills from them.

The first one was called the Demonic Fire Net.

This particular skill enabled the user to refine his demonic energy into a large number of magic ropes. Each rope would be as thick as a bucket and engulfed by a raging fire. Together, these ropes would form an immense fire net.

The net could be applied flexibly in

ensely disturbing, like a voice from hell that would throw you into disarray and demoralize your will to fight. It had the ability to make you feel as if you were slowly being engulfed by death.

Once affected by the Diabolic Blade's sound, those with a relatively weak spiritual sense would soon be distracted and got killed without even being able to fight back!

The sixth one was the Diabolic Flashing Skill, a kind of bodily movement skill.

It took the user's demonic energy or even his blood essence as its fuel. But given how amazing it was, it was worth it. At best, the user could travel over fifty thousand miles in the blink of an eye!

Of course, it went without saying that the farther you traveled with this skill, the more demonic energy or blood essence it would take. After all, powerful skills always came with a price.

The last skill was the Destructive Diabolic Eye, which gave the user the ability to attack the enemies' spirit with the user's demonic spiritual soul.

To put it in a simple way, this skill was meant to attack the spiritual soul and push the enemies into an endless horrible nightmare that was bad enough to make them lose their minds.

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