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   Chapter 1300 Getting Seven Kinds of Demonic Skills (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6521

Updated: 2019-11-13 11:59

Soon, Austin's order had been passed on to all of his men.

As expected, the news aroused enthusiasm among all his warriors. They were so excited that they just couldn't wait to throw themselves into battle and recover the territory that they had lost.

They had been savoring the sweetness of a lot of victories these days. First, Austin led them in a fight against a hundred-thousand demon race army in the Trinary Star City and won. Despite how formidable their enemies were, they still managed to crush and cripple them--causing many casualties to the demon army.

Then, they fought together and recovered the Crescent Kingdom in just a day!

These two triumphs meant a lot to the warriors. Before that, it could be said that human warriors were merely living in the shadow of the demon race. In their eyes, the ferocious demon race had been unbeatable. But now, they had turned the tides and forced the demon race to run with their tails between their legs.

Needless to say, they felt an incredible sense of achievement by winning these battles. They now believed that they could push their limits and go beyond their expectations under the leadership of Austin.

Austin set off his spiritual sense and felt the high morale and confidence of his fifty thousand plus men. Knowing that he had encouraged them and brought change to this city, Austin smiled to himself in satisfaction.

After all, he knew very well that the morale of the troops was a critical factor in winning a battle. Therefore, Austin thought it important to solidify the morale of his men even before they went on to the battlefield.

"It is now time for me to cultivate some really powerful demonic skills,"

Austin said to himself pleasantly.

Moments later, Austin had already retreated into a secluded secret chamber to cultivate and prepare himself for what he was about to do.

Pushing his mind, he entered the City model in a flash. The City model he

tening tone. Why must they still act like they were a notch above human beings and try to threaten him with such angry faces when they could hardly draw another breath? Who did they think they were? It was so ridiculous!

"Damn you human sucklings! You won't get away with this, I promise!" one of them shouted in a hoarse voice.

Austin's harsh words infuriated them even further. They squirmed and struggled to get up, but their efforts were all in vain. Had they not been mortally wounded, they would have jumped at that human warrior and killed him even if it cost them their own lives.

"Wow, I'm surprised that you still have the strength to talk about such rubbish. Fine. It seems to me that you still need to go through torturing games to learn to bend the knee,"

Austin said with a smirk.

Without saying another word, Austin pushed his mind and his demonic avatar left his body and made for the seven demon warriors. Before they realized what was happening, countless punches and kicks rained on them heavily.

The demonic avatar was a powerful weapon made from a demon emperor. Thus, it could release immense demonic energy and fight violently. Its punches and kicks were like huge rocks that kept smashing the seven demon warriors' bodies, pinning them down like a mountain.

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