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   Chapter 1299 Join You

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In the Snow Kingdom, a very angry demon roared in frustration after being informed that his entire force in the Crescent Kingdom had been wiped out by the human cultivators. The monstrosity in his appearance was enhanced by his spiny coat, dark purple skin, and intimidating five meter height.

The demon frantically blared, "Damn it! These stupid humans!

My dear brother who was in charge of guarding the Crescent Kingdom was killed by shitty human cultivators.

Fuck those lowly born humans!

Revenge! I want revenge! I will avenge my dear brother's death!

They will experience their worst nightmare. I'm going to take my men to the Crescent Kingdom and annihilate all these shitty humans. I will let them feel my wrath deep within their bones!"

The demon's raging growl shook the earth and echoed throughout the whole imperial capital city.

He turned to one of his subordinates and issued an order. "Gather our forces. We will attack the Crescent Kingdom."

The news about his brother's death set the demon into rage. This demon was one of the powerful leaders among the demon race and his brother's death was something that he would not take in stride.

A young demon with a very strong aura appeared beside him. "Cool down, Joe.

You should focus on main goal. Our main task is to defeat the Southern Alliances Army and conquer the three holy kingdoms on the South Continent.

According to my investigation, a human cultivator called Austin Lin led the attack that took the Crescent Kingdom with about forty thousand cultivators. They have nothing to do with the Southern Alliances Army

I don't think we should waste our energy on these small flies. They don't even pose a threat to us. It would just be a waste of time.

We should focus on conquering the three holy kingdoms. We will send our men simultaneously and attack those three countries.

This is our most important task, our ultimate goal. We can't afford to make any mistakes. Forget about your revenge. You can't take our men to the Crescent Kingdom," he commanded in a calm but imposing tone.

This demon was also five meters tall. He had a human face but his entire body was covered in scales.

He had a snow-white complexion and his thick, flowing hair made him look young and charming.

"Rick, my brother was killed by Austin Lin.

I must avenge him," Joe pleaded

The raging demon was gone and replaced with a slightly shivering Joe.

"What did you say?

Haven't I made it clea


We promised ourselves that one day we will take our homeland back and slaughter all the demons.

When we heard that you conquered our kingdom and killed the demons, we hastily came back.

We want to pledge our loyalty and join your war against the demons.

Please let us fight beside you!"

the middle-aged man humbly explained.

"Commander Austin, please allow us to join you,"

the rest of the cultivators pleaded in a loud voice.

'I see, ' Austin thought with a nod looking at the cultivators clamoring in front of him.

'It turns out these people are from the Crescent Kingdom.'

He glanced at the sea of cultivators in front of him.

He could tell half of these cultivators' cultivation bases were at or above the Astral Realm, and the rest of them were below the Master Realm.

"All right.

Those whose cultivation bases are at or above the Astral Realm will fight against the demons with me.

And the rest will stay in the Crescent Kingdom.

Since we just reclaimed your kingdom, we need many hands here to rebuild your homes.

The demons are very strong. Those whose cultivation bases are below the Master Realm cannot help in fighting off the demon race,"

Austin declared with all honesty.

All those cultivators whose cultivation bases were at or above the Astral Realm were thrilled.

The cultivators who couldn't join the war because of their weak stance looked slightly despondent. 'I wish I were stronger, ' they thought.

"Tell our men to have a good rest.

We will head for the Rainbow Kingdom the day after tomorrow,"

Austin ordered Clark.

"Copy that!"

Clark replied enthusiastically.

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