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   Chapter 1298 To Reclaim The Crescent Kingdom.

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The three demon semi-saints reached Austin and the queen within a few seconds.

They knew among themselves that the strange young man and woman in front of them were not just the finest but the strongest among those cultivators.

"Go to hell!" the demons shouted in chorus. Each tried to gather as much strength as possible.

Without talking, two of them charged at the queen, while one dashed at Austin.

Austin watched the three demons, amused and entertained at the scene. "You're digging your own grave!" he snorted with a defiant smile.

Despite the commotion, he tried his best to focus and concentrated his mind. Suddenly, his demonic avatar stood in front of him and rushed without any warning towards the demon semi-saint.


As if the world stood still and time stopped for a second, Austin's demonic avatar reached the demon semi-saint in a flash and hit him hard with its palm.

The demon semi-saint fell on the ground as he felt an overwhelming energy enveloped his entire being. It hit him with such a forceful impact, that he was unable to move.

The demonic avatar was under Austin's full control and could be manipulated however he wanted. It was so powerful that it was capable of killing demon saints without any efforts, more so demon semi-saints.

"Who the hell are you? Are you out of your mind? Why would you help a low-born human against your own kind? Why don't you pick your own size?" the demon semi-saint growled angrily.

He refused to be killed by Austin's demonic avatar.

He was waiting for an answer. With wide eyes, the answer he got was a slap.


The demon semi-saint felt himself thrown away forcefully. He tried to steady himself, as he looked for injuries, and that was when he realized what just happened. He was several kilometers away from where he had been.

He placed his hand over his chest, feeling the pain. His face turned deathly pale. Apparently he sustained several injuries and his legs refused to support him. Afraid, he was barely able to stand.

In an instant, Austin reached the injured demon semi-saint and grabbed him by the throat. Despite the obvious injuries he knew what he was capable of, so he restricted the demonic energy inside him and made sure that he could not be a threat to any of them. Then right away, he transported him into the City model.

In the blink of an eye, the demonic avatar was right in front of the two demon semi-saints who were attacking the queen.

It hit the two demon semi-saints with such demonic energy that they didn't know what hit them.


The two demon semi-saints were so surprised and unprepared for the attack that they too sustained painful injuries.

Austin took care of the three demons. They were the strongest among the demon race in the city. But he managed to disable and wound the three of them by simply manipulating the demonic a

s also made known that all the demons there had been destroyed. Not a single one was left or survived.

In the stronghold of Southern Alliances Army, Mysterious Sky City of the Purple Phoenix Holy Kingdom, a group of elders sat in a hall. Confusion was written over their faces.

"What? Austin and his men slain all the demons in the Crescent Kingdom? And not one was left?"

Everyone present at the meeting was shocked and was lost for words.

The Crescent Kingdom was the very first kingdom which the human cultivators had taken back from the demons since the demon race evaded the South Continent of the Prime Martial World.

It was an undeniable victory for Austin and this meant a lot to the human cultivators.

"Ha! Ha! That boy never failed to amaze me!"

Godwin, Julius and Peter agreed and were all smiling.

"There were only over thirty thousand demons in the Crescent Kingdom. It was an easy victory. Austin was just lucky.

If we had not held off the main force of the demon race, do you think Austin would have been able to take a kingdom back from the demon race?"

Baldwin snapped, disdain all over his face.

But this news, did really surprise all the human cultivators.

Snow Kingdom was another small kingdom near the Purple Phoenix Holy Kingdom.

A strong army, which was made of over three hundred thousand demons, was stationed in this kingdom.

This army was one of the main forces of the Heaven Claimer tribe who planned to conquer the South Continent.

The news of Austin's Victory did not fail to reach the imperial capital city of the Snow Kingdom.

"What did you say? Human cultivators retook the Crescent Kingdom?

And all demons were killed by them? Not even one was left?

Damn it! These stupid humans are so troublesome! They're destroying all our plans!"

A violent roar resounded and was heard over the entire kingdom and shook the whole imperial capital city.

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