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   Chapter 1297 An Initiative Attack Against The Crescent Kingdom

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The Crescent Kingdom was a medium-scale domain located near the Purple Phoenix Holy Kingdom.

Austin knew beforehand that the Crescent Kingdom was under the full control of the demon race. Knowing this, he, together with his allies, had already planned their initial attack.

When the group approached the Crescent Kingdom, an evil aura emanated from the whole place. This aura was the kind that belonged to the demon race.

To carefully plan his attack, Austin familiarized himself with the Crescent Kingdom. He had sent out several strong warriors of the evil shadow race to gather detailed information that would help them in their siege.

The Crescent Kingdom had a current population of around forty to fifty thousand demons. They were mainly concentrated in the imperial capital city of the kingdom.

Only a small number of demons were stationed to other cities

Once the demon race conquered a kingdom, they would assign a small number of demons to guard it. The main forces would then continue their conquest in the next kingdom.

Only a small number of demons remained to stand guard in the Crescent Kingdom since the main force had already moved on to their next conquest.

This fact made Austin feel very confident in the attack he was planning to launch.

In fact, it was this very reason why Austin decided to initiate a siege against the Crescent Kingdom in the first place. He knew that their forces could easily outnumber the demon race and defeat them.

Upon entering the Crescent Kingdom, Austin together with the queen of the evil shadow race, rode the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot and flew towards the imperial capital city.

The dashing speed of the Chariot eased their journey. Half a day later the view of the imperial capital city welcomed Austin's sight.

Soon, Austin and the queen got out of the Chariot and hovered above the sky of the imperial capital city.

Austin put the Chariot back into his Space Ring and then released his spiritual sense to detect the situation in the imperial city.

His initial sense of his surroundings was already enough to inform him of everything he needed to know about the capital. He quickly figured out his plan for attack.

"Attack them at the front door,"

Austin said to the queen as he drew out his Ancient Dragon Sword.

The queen nodded and took out her fan.

Prepared for battle, the two then teleported themselves at the front door of the capital city.

"Demon race, come out and prepare to die!"

Austin's deafening voice rumbled threateningly, like rolls of thunder that boomed above the heavens. To add more power in his tone, he even exercised his vital energy force to magnify his voice.

In a flash, Austin's voice spread across the whole city and the demons heard it instantly.

"Attention, everyone!

Enemies have arrived at the front door!" a demon shouted in warning to everyone.

Caught off guard, the entire capital immediately flew into a frenzy. They all rushed out to fight the unexpected enemies

In a blink of an eye, tens of thousands of demons appeared fl


With a simple thought, he immediately teleported his allied force into the battlefield—all sixty thousand of them.

His forces consisted of the warriors from the Trinary Star City, the evil shadow race and the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

"Kill the demons!" the sixty thousand warriors roared!

They rushed out of their lines and immediately pounced on the demon race with the ferocity of wolves.

These warriors had already faced against these demons back at Trinary Star City.

Their past experience in dealing with these troublesome demons gave them the necessary knowledge in defeating them. There was no longer any need to feel afraid once they knew their enemies.

The moment Austin teleported them into the battlefield, the warriors all launched their strongest attacks against their enemies.


Kill all the demons!" Austin ordered loudly.

As the chaos ensued, he waved the Ancient Dragon Sword and let the white dragon come out again the second time around. The fierce beast roared and turned an entire horde of demons into a mist of bloody fogs.

"Kill!" the sixty thousand warriors roared in response to Austin's order.

The entire capital city shook as an earthquake resulted from their fierce shouts.

This was no simple fight; this was a battle to the death!

"You all want to die here!

Damn you, human beings!" A loud voice rang out from afar.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Three streams of dark light imbued with a terrifyingly evil aura dashed towards Austin and the queen.


Finally, you three showed up!" Austin remarked.

He had been waiting for them. The moment he arrived, he had already detected the presence of three of the strongest demons in the Crescent Kingdom.

The death of these three demons was vital if he wanted to conquer the Crescent Kingdom.

They were all at the demon semi-saint stage, which was equivalent to the Semi-holy Realm for human warriors.

With so many of their forces being killed, these three had no choice but to finally come out and join the fight.

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