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   Chapter 1296 The Semi-emperor Realm

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After Baldwin, Colin and the other masters left, Austin walked to Godwin's side.

"Master!" he greeted, bowing down before the elder.

"You have created a lot of trouble, you brat!" Godwin responded with a smile.

Though he complained, he didn't sound like he was angry.

Austin flashed an embarrassed smile at him.


Don't tell me that Austin is your disciple, Godwin. Is he?" Julius and Peter exclaimed in shock.

They were gaping at the elder and the young man before them.

Godwin burst out laughing.

"Yes. He is my disciple. Do you have any problem with that?" he questioned them.

"I was wondering why you came here to save this brat. Now it makes sense. I didn't think that you'd be his master.

Boy, if we knew you're Godwin's disciple, we wouldn't have come here to get ourselves in trouble. We came because we were worried that you might be killed by Baldwin,"

Julius shared his concerns.

"Thank you for your concern.

If you hadn't made it here in time, I would have surely been in a lot of trouble.

And undeniably, you helped me out in the Nonuple Isles last time too. I owe you a lot," Austin responded.

He bowed to Julius and Peter to express his gratitude.

He felt he was much obliged to the two elders.

'I had nothing to do with these two elders, but they came to my rescue more than once.

They even came here to stop Baldwin from hurting me, ' Austin thought.

"Hmm! You're not an ungrateful boy,"

Peter complimented Austin.

"Would you mind telling us what's going on between you and that demon who fought Baldwin?

I'm quite curious."

Julius told Austin what was on his mind.

Godwin and Peter too settled their inquisitive eyes on Austin.

Austin had put away that demonic avatar.

But Julius, Peter and Godwin had seen it already.

Besides, the news about Austin staying with a mysterious demon had spread about widely in a few days.

"Technically speaking, the demon is dead. What you saw is only his corpse.

Yet, it is under my control and is not conscious anymore,"

Austin explained with a smile.

Cultivators always had their own secrets, and there was no need for them to share everything

t are we going to do, Commander Austin?"

Clark inquired as he drew closer to Austin.

"We'll carry out the plan we had thought of.

Let's go and take over the Crescent Kingdom.

Trinary Star City is no longer our stronghold. There is no need for us to stay here any longer.

Go and inform our men to pack up their things. We'll head for that country in two hours,"

Austin shared his plan after thinking seriously for a while.

"Copy that, sir!"

Clark quickly left to pass on Austin's order to the other cultivators.

Two hours had passed.

All the cultivators gathered above the Trinary Star City.

There were now about sixty thousand people, including the cultivators who just quit the Southern Alliances Army, the people of the Heaven Pavilion Sect and the members of the evil shadow race.

Austin sent all of them into the City model except the queen after filling them with his plan.

Then he got onto the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot with the queen. They headed towards the Crescent Kingdom.

Austin had sent several strong members of the evil shadow race to the Crescent Kingdom earlier. They had been sent to gather information.

They had come back with many details. So, he knew the current situation in the Crescent Kingdom.

After Austin and the people left, the Trinary Star City became an empty city.

But Austin had an intuition that the Southern Alliances Army would send a troop there to take over that city soon.

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