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   Chapter 1295 We Quit The Southern Alliances Army

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"How dare you!"

Baldwin did not expect that Clark, a nameless pawn in his eyes, would dare to confront him and justify Austin's actions.

Driven by his anger, Baldwin released a sword-light which directly rushed towards Clark.

Besieged by the endless sword aura, Clark was extremely terrified. He had a feeling that he was going to be blown into pieces in a moment.

"Cool down, Baldwin. Killing innocent people is not our creed and practice,"

Godwin said rather calmly. He swept his sleeves across and released a gentle vital energy force. It encircled Clark and protected him inside it.

Clark soon found himself saved from the oppression of the sword aura. It seemed to have been sent away by a gust of strong breeze.

He was an independent cultivator.

His cultivation base was at the medium stage of the Semi-holy Realm. That made him a prestigious master in the South Continent.

Many sects had tried to invite him to join them.

But Clark was innately reclusive and prideful. He was not willing to be constrained or bounded by any sect.

Indeed an eccentric person!

Barely having escaped Baldwin's attack which could have killed him, he did not shrink back or retreat. Instead, he was irritated because his pride was hurt.

"Ha ha! You kill people like flies. Anyone who offends you or stands against you ends up being killed.

I cannot even imagine what will happen to the Southern Alliances Army if we were to have you as one of the prime leaders.

The day you lead the Southern Alliances Army, it will mark my last day in the army. I will not be in it if you are there!

I am willing to quit from the Southern Alliances Army with you, Commander Austin!"

Clark walked to Austin's side.


Baldwin stared at Clark with an insidious killing intent.

How desperately he wanted to punish Clark for it! But he knew that it was impossible to kill Clark right now in front of Godwin, Julius and Peter.

Clark's sneering words clearly showed his hostility against him.

"Hey! Stop gathering here, all of you!

Go and mind your own business.

Before long, I am going to clean up and discipline these troops of the Trinary Star City."

Colin turned back and yelled loudly at the cultivators of the Trinary Star City in an austere tone.

Earlier, he had been pissed off at the fact that all t


Baldwin's wrath was also rising.

All the things that were happening were beyond his tolerance. He felt that his authority was being defied by the cultivators of the Trinary Star City.

He had come to the Trinary Star City only because Colin was his confidante.

He was to ensure Colin's position as the commander of the Trinary Star City. But now all the men of the Trinary Star City were ready to quit from the Southern Alliance Army.

This was shameful and humiliating not only for Colin but also himself.

''Baldwin, we joined the Southern Alliance Army by our own will.

And now we have decided to quit because of the same reason.

There's no such rule in the Southern Alliances Army that soldiers cannot quit after joining in.

If you are looking to condemn someone, you can always trump up a charge. But we have made our decision and will not change it!"

Clark remarked.

Since he had already offended Baldwin, he did not mind disobeying him a second time, "I do agree with that. The Southern Alliances Army does recruit men by their own will,"

Julius suddenly commented.

"I agree to that!"

Peter nodded in agreement.

Baldwin coldly cast his eyes upon Austin, Clark and the fifty thousand men behind them.

"This isn't over!


Baldwin swept his sleeves across and left in a jiffy like a bolt of sword-light.

Colin glared at Austin viciously. Helpless at the way things had changed, he used his bodily movement skill to catch up with Baldwin.

Baldwin's followers too left the place one after another.

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